New Elemis Modern Skin Facial

aztecspa facial New Elemis Modern Skin FacialIs my skin ‘challenged by modern living’? I pondered this thought as I read about the latest facial from skin care experts Elemis. As I continued, it became apparent that yes indeed it is!

  • Lack of quality sleep – yes, Desperate Housewives and 24 puts paid to early nights.
  • Long hours on a computer – of course, that’s what my job involves and then there’s all that internet shopping.
  • Lack of water – we all know we should drink more.
  • On-the-go fast food – Friday night takeaway anyone?
  • Dehydrating heating and aircon – with the winter we’ve had, the heating has only just gone off in our house and as for aircon, well we can only hope.

Elemis have targeted their latest Modern Skin Facial at all these daily lifestyle issues and the difference it makes is remarkable. I decided to try it at the Aztec Spa on Falkland Road, Torquay.

It all begins with the unique Elemis feet cleansing ritual, which helps relax your body ready for what awaits. I then had, what I can safely say, was one of the most relaxing facials ever. The Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser, packed full of anti-oxidants, minerals and multi-vitamins feels creamy and luxurious. After toning, a mineral rich peel-off mask was then applied while therapist, Kate, massaged my scalp. I know not every one enjoys this, but I quickly floated away to another world!

The combination of hot, lavender infused flannels and face massage techniques really help the products soak in to the skin. I soon lost track of time as Kate continued to pamper my face with the Papaya Enzyme Peel, Elemis Visible Brilliance Serum and Eye Serum. This facial lasts an hour and you certainly get a lot of products packed into that space of time. Before I knew it though, it all came to an end with Kate offering me a look in the mirror to see the results. Although usually a bit sceptical about these things I could see a definite improvement – my skin was glowing and those pesky fine lines seemed less obvious.  Encouragingly, the results stayed with me the next day, not quite looking 10 years younger, but certainly as though I’ve had a few early nights.

The Modern Skin Facial claims to leave your skin remineralised, rebalanced and renewed and I think this is one of the few times that the truth lives up to the hype.

A 1 hour Modern Skin Facial costs £50 and can be booked now at the Aztec Spa on 01803 400190.

Volcano Ash Strikes Again

4529313234 9022b708ef t Volcano Ash Strikes AgainWell if it’s not the Icelandic Ash Cloud, it’s BA on strike. More cancelled flights over the weekend, more miserable holiday makers and the news that this may be a feature of many people’s travel plans over the coming months.

The only way to avoid the strife is to stay in the UK and preferably (although I’m a little biased!) on the English Riviera. As well as the compelling environmental argument to keep our air miles to a minimum and of course the ominous ash cloud, there are lots of reasons to take a ‘staycation’ this year.

Here are our top 5 reasons to holiday on the English Riviera this summer:

  • Easier if you have young children – no hanging around airports waiting for delayed flights with miserable/tired/hungry little ones.
  • Cheaper – depending on the type of holiday you take of course, but flights for 4 people before you even start, soon bumps your overall holiday price up.
  • Variety – take your pick from seaside, countryside, heritage, family fun or culture. The English Riviera is a great base for exploring the rest of South Devon and there are endless possibilities.
  • Great food and drink – these days you don’t have to put up with a mediocre sandwich and a warm glass of wine.   Choose from the many local specialities on offer from cheeses to wines to fresh fish.
  • The weather – yet again we are being told we are in for a good summer – surely, surely this year the weather men will be right! In which case there is nowhere better than the beautiful English Riviera in the sunshine.

beach 300x222 Volcano Ash Strikes AgainSo you just can’t argue with the facts and if you’re looking for the ideal summer family holiday then take a look at the TLH Leisure Resort website. Four great hotels, fantastic leisure and entertainment and all at sensible prices – what’s not to like?

Time’s ticking by – make the most of it and have a family break in Torquay…

I don’t know about you, but is it a sign of age that time goes by faster and faster and here we are in May already!!?  The Spring Bank Holiday is the official start of Summer.  So with that in mind we’ve got to make the most of it. Thats my motto for this year anyway !! 

After such a dreadful Winter, aren’t we all ready for a break….. I think we deserve it!! So just wanted to let you know about some good deals we have for the late bank holiday and half term and also  some good June special offers that you should take a serious look at. 

Toorak copy1 Times ticking by   make the most of it and have a family break in Torquay...The Toorak Hotel, part of TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay is ideal for family breaks and we have a range of family accommodation from some family- suited rooms, ideal perhaps for older children, to our large family rooms providing shared accommodation. Along with full children’s activity programme, nightly entertainment and free use of our pools and everything else TLH Leisure Resort has to offer, this makes the perfect base for a holiday in South Devon  Also a perfect time of year to explore the South Devon coast, Dartmoor and a host of local attractions that have real appeal.

For further details have a look at our website…….  as they say in the song “Don’t let the sun go down on you” …….. for this Summer anyway. See you soon I hope!

Al Fresco Night 300x225 Times ticking by   make the most of it and have a family break in Torquay...

Al fresco nights at TLH

Round 1, FIGHT!!

Before I begin I’m going to give you all a quick bit of information about the martial art form Mauy Thai. 

Muay Thai is referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or the “Science Of Eight Limbs” because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight “points of contact”, as opposed to “two points” (fists) in Western boxing and “four points” (hands and feet) used in sport-oriented martial arts. A practitioner of Muay Thai is known as a nak muay.

If you’re an avid fight fan then you may already know that our very own ‘Mr. T.’ AKA Mike Timlin is trained in the martial art form of Muay Thai. Today I will be writing about his second amateur fight in Penzance, which was on Sunday 9 May.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see his first cage fight which was here in Torquay. The reason behind this is because it was his debut fight everyone in the complex was arguing about who was working and was going to watch Mikey kick butt! (He won his first fight by points) However, I pulled some strings as soon as I heard of Mikey’s next fight to get time off from work and to go and support him in Penzance. So, now that you’re all up to date let’s begin. 

So, the day began with Doug  (Albert’s doorman), Liz (Albert’s barmaid), Barrington (Victoria restaurant manager), myself and the star of the show Mikey!! We all met at outside Albert’s at 7:30am!! I didn’t even know that time existed!! Anyway, we all got on our hired mini-bus and prepared to hype Mikey up for his up fight, after a 2 and a half hour drive (and a detour through Exeter thanks to our ‘navigator’ and driver Doug) we had arrived at Penzance Leisure Centre where the event was being held. So first things first – time for breakfast at Weatherspoon’s (well a lager for me he he).

After breakfast we went back to the venue, which seemed to have transformed in the hour we had been gone with floods of people waiting to get inside and see the action. Lucky for us we managed to skip all that and make our way to our reserved seats (perks of being with the star I guess). Mikey was announced as the tenth fight so we had a while to wait for him however the entertainment was brilliant! We even had 10x Women’s World Champion Julie Kitchen fighting for us, I have to say what an amazing fight just what I would expect from her and what an amazing body I liked this, a lot!!

Mike Timlin Award Round 1, FIGHT!!

Mikey with the awards from earlier this year

After many fantastic fights Mikey was finally on. It was his turn to get in the ring and show us what he was made of, and boy did he! The room echoed with chants and cheers in support of Mikey (as you know we’re loud and enthusiastic here at Albert’s). Ater a superb display of his fighting technique –  his arms and legs were everywhere – it was hard to keep up with him (I’m relieved I wasn’t his opponent) after a gruelling 2minute round Mikey was still calm and ready for his next round. After some more trading punches Mikey landed a big hit with his right fist and his opponent lost balance. Mikey being a well-trained fighter seized this opportunity to make his move. A knee to his chest was thrown at his opponent and after impact his opponent fell to the floor and couldn’t move let alone stand! It was over, the match was given to Mikey, win by knockout after 3 and a half mins!

Of course a massive party in celebration of Mikey followed this! So feel free to visit our champion in Albert’s bar on weekends (he’s single ladies) and see the legend himself. Just behave or you might get a first hand experience of Mikey’s technique up-close and personal!

 Enough for now, thanks for reading and I will speak to you all soon.

Adam West and the Albert’s gang.

Terri Kennard on Bowls Uniform

Bowls uniform is a bit like football uniform – it keeps changing.

There is County uniform, indoors and outdoors. Club uniform indoors and out, Umpires uniform, and then the inevitable wet gear. England Uniform is even more complicated: There is the England kit and then something very different for the British Isles series.

All in all, I think I have single-handedly floated the market of Ikea, as I buy new wardrobes to fill up with my various kit. But once the bowls bug has bitten, you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying all those ‘must have’ bits and pieces which fill up all your available space in that bowls bag that is getting heavier and heavier as time goes on.

 It was the wet gear that flummoxed me the other evening. The league had started out nicely in sunshine, with a few dark clouds threatening to make their presence felt over the moors. Everything was going just dandy, when there were a few spots of rain felt. I stripped off the top layer, consisting of a thick fleece, and rummaged around in my rink side bag for my waterproof top. I managed to get that on quite well just before the heavens opened  – crikey. Then I needed to get the waterproof trousers on over my white trousers. All I can say to you is thank goodness for team mates. In the desperate struggle to get into these leggings I managed to get my left foot stuck down the right leg hole. Hopping around the green looking for someone to cling to, I grabbed hold of our lead. Just as well she has a strong constitution because I thought she would choke with laughter. It took 3 of us to keep me upright and get me sorted out. In the meantime, some wag on the next rink, seeing this fiasco called out – “Hey Kennard, would you do that again I missed it the first time”. Don’t you just love these comedians? Thanks gang.

It is the modern way, that we are wearing trousers and crops and breaking away from the long skirts that had to be checked by kneeling down on the green in front of the Uniform Police at Leamington. But thank goodness we are moving away from the beads and tweeds image of the ‘old school’.

httpwww Terri Kennard on Bowls Uniform

The way we were! (Image courtesy of

Mind you, we’ve come on tremendously since these days. I remember a time when there was a rule about wearing earrings. Studs only or sleepers were allowed, nothing dangly, heaven forbid, and 1 single string of pearls was the only thing that you could wear around your neck.

Hats and cravats, and worst of all stockings had to be worn. It was only in the last 6 years that the rule on hats and stockings has been revised. It used to be more of an endurance test in hot weather, rather than a game.

I even remember asking to join a club in my native Essex when I first started bowls (1980), and was told that they would not even consider me, as I was a ‘working girl’. I was having a terrific career in the Police Force in those days, but they still refused my application. Terri Kennard on Bowls Uniform

New crop trousers - image courtesy of

I love to see the new and vibrant club colours, the crop trousers and the more sporty look than the former drab apparel of the sport. Even if some us do look like beach balls in these new tops, it will, I am sure breath new some life into the sport.

Also by encouraging a younger element into the sport, with the new colours, and more fashionable kit, we are securing the future of bowls for the generations to come.

The major companies dealing with bowls and bowlers are doing their very best to change this flat image of bowls. We need that shot in the arm that was given to Darts a few years ago, and now sees that, as a major event on TV throughout the year.

Bowls, I’m afraid, will not get a showing on prime time TV until we learn to get some excitement into the game. Lets try to make a start. Get the old kit off and the new kit on, and lets get it moving, for the future.

That’s all folks

Signing off,

Terri Kennard

Summer Spa Package

Elemis Feet 7 150x150 Summer Spa PackageIt’s only 5 weeks until the summer solstice. The longest day of the year and I haven’t even got the ‘barbie’ out yet. Still, I know what will happen, all of a sudden out of nowhere we’ll get a hot spell and I won’t be prepared. How to get ready for summer when we have no idea when or if it will strike?!

The whole spring to summer wardrobe transition can be tricky. The magazines talk about layering, buying multi-season outfits and getting clothes to work hard for you. This usually leaves me looking like a bag lady. The current look of ankle socks with platform sandals is not an easy from vouge11 e1274087071642 68x150 Summer Spa Packageone to pull off, especially in Torquay.

Neither do I want to embrace the youthful trend of casting caution to the wind (often a very chilly one) and donning shorts and strappy tops at the first sign of sunshine, no matter that we’re still clearing the ice from our cars of a morning.

Looks like I’ll have to wait it out until the temperature rises. I can however do something on the beauty front to get myself prepared for that sudden burst of sunshine, due any day now. I’ve decided to get a pedicure booked in now at the Aztec Spa, so that when the sun does decide to show itself and temperatures reach above 12°C, I can wear my flip-flops with pride.

St Tropez white bikini girl 150x150 Summer Spa PackageIn fact I may really treat myself and book one of their Summer Top to Toe packages and get hands, feet and eyebrows looking neat and tidy, maybe even throw in a St Tropez tan too. There’s nothing worse than getting a fabulous day out of nowhere and not being able to expose any part of my body because it’s grey and pasty.

So upwards and onwards, even if I don’t get the clothes quite right, the rest of me will be worthy of the French Riviera this summer, thanks to the Aztec Spa.

Book your Summer Spa Package at the Aztec Spa

01803 400190