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Do Vampires need Spa Breaks?

Written by Vicky on 3rd December 2009

True Blood, New Moon, Being Human – it seems we can’t get enough of vampires at the moment. The Mythical World of Vampires The phenomenal success of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series has introduced the mythical world of vampires and werewolves to a new generation. Has this fascination with the dark side ever gone away though? […]


The X Factor Xmas gift for that special someone

Written by Julia on 30th November 2009

Special offer Elemis Spa Break for ‘Girls who just want to have Fun’   What better way to restore the Christmas and New Year party wear and tear than by spending 2 whole days in your dressing gown having a girlie catch up so you’re ready to step into Spring with renewed vigour!  It really […]


Fantastic Entertainment – Alberts is top of the Torquay Pubs

Written by ChrisB on 30th November 2009

If you’re looking for a great night out with entertainment in Torquay, then look no further and come and join in the fun at Alberts Bar.  Hello from me – Chris Brimmicombe, Albert’s Bar Supervisor. There are plenty of pubs in Torquay, but top choice is Alberts Bar on Belgrave Road. You can guarantee you’ll […]


New Indoor Bowls Competition set for success

Written by Terri on 26th November 2009

Dru & the TLH National Indoor Mixed Top Club Peter Thompson, Chief Operating Executive of EIBA visited TLH Leisure Resort on Monday 23rd November with a view to finalising the programme for the new 2010 TLH National Indoor Mixed Top Club. This new mixed indoor bowling competition was designed by Terri Kennard (Dru) and Dennis Goodley […]


It may not be the Jungle – but TLH goes even Greener!

Written by Julia on 25th November 2009

As part of it’s Green Tourism campaign this year TLH Leisure Resort has taken a fresh, green look at it’s new 2010 brochure and developed two separate publications to better meet the needs of their guests and the environment. As almost 65% of guests at the unique resort on the English Riviera have been coming […]


Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?

Written by admin on 25th November 2009

Have the UK gone mad with doggie Spa breaks? We love our dogs in the UK; we buy them all kinds of treats and toys and even check into hotels that cater for them. But, is spending hundred of pounds on our furry friends to our detriment? Spa breaks in the UK for Corgis Do […]

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