Do Vampires need Spa Breaks?

True Blood, New Moon, Being Human – it seems we can’t get enough of vampires at the moment.

The Mythical World of Vampires

The phenomenal success of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series has introduced the mythical world of vampires and werewolves to a new generation. Has this fascination with the dark side ever gone away though? We had the Hammer House of Horror and Christopher Lee, my daughter has New Moon and Robert Pattinson – same topic but much better looking actors and sexier plot lines.

Beauty Products for Vampires

Female vampires, Rosalie and Alice Cullen take note, have no shortage of appropriate beauty products out there – all things vampiric have taken off in the world of fashion and beauty too. Just look at the rise in black and inky nail polishes – all cosmetic lines now have at least one dangerously dark shade amongst them. With names like Bogota Blackberry, Malaga Wine and Merry Midnight, from OPI, we can all bring out our inner Goth.

new moon Do Vampires need Spa Breaks?

New Moon

Edward Cullen at TLH?

So do these glamorous bloodsuckers ever need spa treatments? Judging by the latest box office hit, New Moon, then I would say they’re rarely far from some pampering. This generation of vampires are groomed, glossy and gorgeous. Even though immortal, they surely need some help after all that voracious hunting? Those cool marble-like muscles of stone could do with a firm Swedish back massage and those ghostly pale complexions – have they never heard of blusher?

I’m pretty confident that if Edward and the rest of the Cullen family was to take a spa break at TLH we’d have Twilight fans queuing round the block at The Toorak, Carlton, Victoria and Derwent Hotels to share the Aztec Spa with these very popular characters from the books and films.

Why our perennial fascination with vampires? It seems they have always been portrayed in a sensual way, remember the heaving bosoms and milky white exposed necks of the Hammer House movies? And they are dangerous – we know women love a bit of danger -but they are also somewhat vulnerable. They can’t help themselves after all. New Moon has taken the cinemas by storm, with teenage girls being the target audience. Look closely though and you will see a fair share of Mums in the audience too – it seems we never truly grow out of the vampire thing. Now where’s my garlic?

The X Factor Xmas gift for that special someone

Special offer Elemis Spa Break for ‘Girls who just want to have Fun’


What better way to restore the Christmas and New Year party wear and tear than by spending 2 whole days in your dressing gown having a girlie catch up so you’re ready to step into Spring with renewed vigour!  It really is ‘All about You’ ! You don’t have to win the X Factor to feel like a million dollars!


girly gossip in the spa The X Factor Xmas gift for that special someone

Girly gossip on a spa break

Stay for a 2 night spa break (2Jan – 11 Feb 2010, Sundays to Thursdays) at the 3 star Carlton Hotel, one of the 4 hotels at TLH Leisure Resort on the English Riviera from only £129 per person.  We even have apartments so a group of you can have your very own pyjama party! A perfect choice for Brides-to-Be.

Float and dream  (or work out!) in  our luxury 25 metre indoor swimming pool
Gossip in our pool-side sauna, jacuzzi & steam room
Browse for a new outfit in the ‘glossies’ in the Spa relaxation area
Savour a delicious Spa lunch in our Aztec Bistro

aztec 2 The X Factor Xmas gift for that special someone

Superb indoor pool

Your break includes the chance to:

And the real treats……..

Elemis Frangipani Wrap

Elemis Taster Facial

OPI Juicie Minicure


Go on – spoil someone you love ……. or yourself  ‘because you’re worth it’ !

Call 01803 400500 to book.

Fantastic Entertainment – Alberts is top of the Torquay Pubs

chris b Fantastic Entertainment   Alberts is top of the Torquay PubsIf you’re looking for a great night out with entertainment in Torquay, then look no further and come and join in the fun at Alberts Bar.  Hello from me – Chris Brimmicombe, Albert’s Bar Supervisor.

There are plenty of pubs in Torquay, but top choice is Alberts Bar on Belgrave Road. You can guarantee you’ll be in good company, with good food and great entertainment.

There has been a new face filling in from our regular karaoke man Chris Jackson – DJ, Sean Altridge. Last Saturday night was one to remember as Sean hosted two amazing sets including Karaoke and a live music set sung by Sean himself. Every Saturday we hold our singing competition this week we decided to bring back the very popular Elvis competition featuring three of the best and most colourful singers on the night. Top 3 contestants were Terry singing “It’s Now or Never,” Kevin with a great rendition of “Suspicious Minds,” and Claire with “Jailhouse Rock.” Sean decided to let the crowd pick the lucky winner and congratulations went to Kevin who walked away with a bottle of wine – what a way to end a great weekend in Torquay.

For all Chris Jackson fans – don’t worry, he will be back with us this Thursday and Saturday night from 8.30pm with more than 5000 songs to chose from and new tracks added every week, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Everyone’s welcome to join us in Alberts Bar and if Karaoke isn’t your taste, come along and join us on Friday night from 9.30pm where we have talented vocalist Jonathan Mark who is currently promoting his new album. There are some great new tracks and this is one night really not to be missed.

In Alberts every week you can catch live music and entertainment with all major sporting events showing on our large screen TV.  We currently have a drinks promotion with pints of Carlsberg / Tetley and red or white house wine at only £1.95 a measure – every Sunday to Thursday from 5.00-7.00pm. And if you’re looking for something to eat – all of our main courses cost only £5.95 each – including sizzling steak and chips!

December promises to be a sparkling month as we build up to our fantastic Christmas and New Year celebrations. So we look forward to seeing you join us.

All the best – Chris

New Indoor Bowls Competition set for success

terri k New Indoor Bowls Competition set for successDru & the TLH National Indoor Mixed Top Club

Peter Thompson, Chief Operating Executive of EIBA visited TLH Leisure Resort on Monday 23rd November with a view to finalising the programme for the new 2010 TLH National Indoor Mixed Top Club.

This new mixed indoor bowling competition was designed by Terri Kennard (Dru) and Dennis Goodley (Acle IBC) and shown to the EIBA as a suggested new competition to compliment the joining of the two associations into one indoor body. The EIBA adopted the idea and advertised the competition to all the indoor bowls clubs in the Country. In its inaugural year the competition has been a great success with 102 entries. 

bowling cal itin1 New Indoor Bowls Competition set for success

indoor bowling arena at TLH

Peter came to TLH to look at the arena and view the Toorak Hotel where the 8 finalist teams will be staying. He was very impressed with TLH and is looking forward to the competition immensely, stating that, this competition could be one of the more popular comps in the whole EIBA programme.

TLH’s Toorak Hotel is offering a bargain price for the weekend of the finals:
Friday 26th to Sunday 28th March 2010
2 nights with dinner, bed and breakfast for £100#

Both the Ladies President, Irene Godrey and the Men’s President John Clipstone will be in attendance supported by EIBA Executive officers.

For the presentations, new and very fashionable trophies, along with cash prizes, are being presented to the winning team, runner up and semi finalists. TLH Leisure Resort works closely with Mick Cook from Torre Trophies to make sure that we have the very latest eye catching glassware to give as prizes.

So good luck to every indoor bowls club still in the competition. The bowls team at TLH will be watching the results as the clubs progress though the rounds towards the finals weekend, and we look forward to welcoming the top 8 teams to TLH in March 2010.

If you would like a brochure showing the facilities at TLH or you would like to talk to Terri Kennard about the competition, or our other bowling holidays  please do not hesitate to call on 01803 400108 

That’s all for now folks
News at 10am
TLH Clubhouse.

It may not be the Jungle – but TLH goes even Greener!

breaks diary nov09 It may not be the Jungle   but TLH goes even Greener!

New “greener” brochures

As part of it’s Green Tourism campaign this year TLH Leisure Resort has taken a fresh, green look at it’s new 2010 brochure and developed two separate publications to better meet the needs of their guests and the environment.

As almost 65% of guests at the unique resort on the English Riviera have been coming for several years, they know the beautiful leisure and Spa facilities and accommodation very well indeed so don’t need all that information again.  But they are eagerly awaiting the new Escape for a Break Diary, giving them details of all the Special Interest Breaks that have been developed for 2010.Whether it be Entertainment weekends with tributes to legends such as Frank Sinatra, Abba or Tom Jones or an Art holiday, Meet the Gardener or a Blues weekend there really is something for everyone.  Devon cream teas and locally sourced produce and drinks are celebrated on our Foodie breaks and the Off to the Races breaks offer the opportunity to improve your luck at the Exeter,

racing It may not be the Jungle   but TLH goes even Greener!

Racing at Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot or Taunton racecourse as you will meet up with a tipster prior to the meeting!

Even more Dancing holidays have been included and Learn to Tango is the front-runner in the popularity stakes so far – but Folk Dancing and Scottish Dancing are hard on it’s heels.  And don’t forget that you can actually learn to Bowl on one of our Discover Bowls holidays before you join in on one of our bowls tournaments or Short Mat festivals .

So call us soon on 01803 400500 for your copy of the TLH Leisure Resort 2010 Escape for a Break Diary

Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?

Have the UK gone mad with doggie Spa breaks?

We love our dogs in the UK; we buy them all kinds of treats and toys and even check into hotels that cater for them. But, is spending hundred of pounds on our furry friends to our detriment?

fireshot capture 1278 arena dog jpg jpeg image 600a375 pixels www chicagomag com images 2008 august202008 arena dog Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Spa breaks in the UK for Corgis

Do we spend to much on our pets?

Last year we Brits spent more than £2.4 million on our pets, 40% more than we ever did 10 years ago. The experts have even adopted a new term for this phenomenon, they call it ‘fur babying’.

Every year in November Harrods hold a doggie fashion show with pugs and poodles strutting their stuff in Vivienne Westwood couture.

fireshot capture 1310 petaporterfashionshow9tlaimoroxvl jpg jpeg image 361a594 pixels www4 pictures gi zimbio com petaporterfashionshow9tlaimoroxvl Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Doggie fashion show Harrods

Animal trainer Rona Brown, who promotes the event said ‘People like it best when it doesn’t go right,’ she says. ‘We had a pug in a little sailor’s hat that slipped down over its eyes. It sat down and wouldn’t move, and everyone clapped.’

Spa breaks in the UK – for Pugs?

Spa treatments designed for dogs are something else that we Brits are buying into. This little pug is shown indulging in all types of spa treatments like swimming, facials and massaging, and little Mimi does not always look very happy at the prospect.

fireshot capture 1276 cimg0436 on flickr photo sharing www flickr com photos jameskhoo 2140576393 in photostream Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Mimi the Pug enjoying her Spa treatment. “My paws are wet”
fireshot capture 1305 cimg0453 on flickr photo sharing www flickr com photos jameskhoo 2141370782 in photostream Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Mimi enjoys her spa massage. “Whats that?”
fireshot capture 1312 cimg0438 on flickr photo sharing www flickr com photos jameskhoo 2141365904 Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Mimi the pug gets a facial. “Don’t pull the lips”
fireshot capture 1275 cimg0425 on flickr photo sharing www flickr com photos jameskhoo 2141362558 in photostream Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Mimi after her spa “please take me home!”

Is it all about health benefits?

I can see why people would consider some of these treatments, if it were for a pet that was ill or old. After all a massage is wonderfully relaxing and eases any one’s aches and pains. Swimming as we all know is a really great exercise and is even recommended by vets in some cases. Mimi looks a little out of her depth in this one (throw her a life belt).

fireshot capture 1313 cimg0417 on flickr photo sharing www flickr com photos jameskhoo 2141360642 in photostream Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Mimi has a swim in the spa pool. “Heeeeeeelp!”

Why would we spend our money on doggy pedicures for our poodle or little Chihuahua sized dressing gowns? The sad thing behind this ‘fur babies’ phenomenon is that although we are spending money on our pets, we are desperately neglecting ourselves.

fireshot capture 1309 chihuahuas 1 jpg jpeg image 450a430 pixels www luxurylaunches com entry images 0508 16 chihuahuas 1 Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Paris Hilton’s dogs are accessories

I personally think you should be spending more money on pampering YOU!, I would personally never consider a spa break for my dog or cat, but i’d happily book a whole weekend spa break for myself and a friend. The great thing about pampering ourselves is that it works, we have busy, stress filled lives and we need someone to press the off switch. Lets face it, we don’t spend all day staring at invisible flys on the wall or barking at the neighbours cat, we work in office, run households and hold down high powered jobs.

When we get pampered, it feels like a clean slate, its gives our bodies time to heal and we feel ready to face the world again. A spa make us feel special, less stressed with our pets, our families and much more pleasant to be around. So lets leave the doggles and the cutesy frocks to the Hiltons of this world and enjoy ourselves for once.

My dog would prefer a moldy old tennis ball to a spa treatment any day of the week; I know what i’d prefer.

fireshot capture 1308 3294054797 ca08c5de9b jpg jpeg image 500a261 pixels www dogguide net blog wp content uploads 2009 06 3294054797 ca08c5de9b Are Doggie Spa breaks in the UK, bad for our health?
Happy Jack Russel chasing ball