TLH Leisure Resort Management Buyout Announced

TLH Takeover. John Finnegan, Karen Murrell, Laurence Murrell, Jason Garside, Christine Raymond, Ian Piercy
John Finnegan, Karen Murrell, Laurence Murrell, Jason Garside, Christine Raymond, Ian Piercy

The Murrell family are delighted to announce the sale of TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay to the management team of Jason Garside, John Finnegan and Ian Piercy.

TLH was founded in 1947 when the Murrell family opened the Derwent Hotel as a 28-bedroom guesthouse.  In 2000,  the company adopted the name TLH Leisure Resort to reflect the fact it had grown and developed into four hotels – The Derwent, Victoria, Toorak and Carlton, plus the Aztec Spa, Gym and Pool and a wealth of other entertainment and leisure facilities – all on one site.

Aztec Pool part of TLH Leisure Resort
Aztec Indoor Pool

The deal sees the management team acquiring a majority stake, with the retiring owner, Laurence Murrell, retaining equity in the business, but no longer having an active role.

Managing Director, Laurence Murrell said ‘I am hugely proud of what has been achieved by TLH Leisure Resort in the last 71 years.  We have grown to be an award-winning resort, nationally recognised, and known for giving excellent value.  Great people have always been key to the success of TLH and I am confident that the new management will continue to build a strong team and to inject a new sense of vitality and spirit into the business.

TLH Derwent Hotel at dusk
TLH Derwent Hotel

Jason Garside, one of the new managers and shareholders said ‘We recognise the importance of working closely with our staff, customers and suppliers to ensure a smooth transition whilst continuing to deliver the highest level of customer service for which we are known so well. We want to bring new energy and enthusiasm to enable the business, which we love so much, to move forward to meet the challenges of the ever-changing hospitality sector.


Vicky Hinchliffe

Vicky Hinchliffe

Senior Marketing Executive at TLH Leisure Resort
I love gardening, wildlife and the great outdoors. I also have a passion for running and have completed 3 half marathons to date - with more planned. I try to live by the motto, 'be pretty on rest days' so when I'm not training I like nothing more than some pampering, high heels and lip gloss!
I've worked at TLH for longer than I care to dwell on but have seen so many changes it's been like working for 3 or 4 different companies! I am now in Marketing and am involved in spreading the word about how great TLH is!
Vicky Hinchliffe

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5 Replies to “TLH Leisure Resort Management Buyout Announced”

  1. Congratulations to the new Management/Shareholders in TLH., may it go from strength to strength well done Jason.x

  2. Congratulations to the new management team.As a family we first came to The Derwent Hotel 40years ago,(our son was 10years old He has just celebrated His 50th).Over the years we have stayed in all the Hotels and apartments,for years having 2weeks in March and December.
    We try to come at least 3-4times a year and have met so many lovely people.Service always excellent.As you can imagine we have loved seeing all the changes over the years,although we did prefer the old Albert bar.
    Some years ago we had the pleasure of taking Tea with Laurence Murrell,what a lovely man,may He and His family have a wonderful retirement in the Knowledge of knowing that He has contributed to so much pleasure to so many people.
    Hopefully see you all soon.
    Pauline and Ernie Briddon

  3. Thank you for your kind comments Pauline. You must have some wonderful memories of TLH and seen lots of changes over the years. Laurence and his family will be very much missed by all of us here at TLH but we’re looking forward to continuing his legacy of excellent customer service, good value and giving our guests a great holiday!

    We look forward to welcoming you back soon.

    Vicky Hinchliffe
    Marketing Department

  4. All the best to the new management team we have been coming to Tlh over the last 30 years since our son was three years old. A massive thank you the Murrell family for making all our holidays fantastic to the management team you have the highest standards to live up to and I am confident you will carry on the great work

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