Budget Wedding Ideas for 2016

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Weddings don’t come cheap, but isn’t it every bride’s dream to have a fairytale day, complete with horse drawn carriage and champagne fountain? With an average wedding costing around about £20,000, there is a real concern  that unrealistic expectations, and a whole load of debt to start married life, is actually contributing to the rise in divorce.

The good news is that the era of the Hello magazine style big wedding is coming to an end. Remember Keira Knightley’s nuptials back in 2013? It was a very low key affair and confirmed that the personal, quirky and simple wedding is very much here to stay. And you only have to look through the pages of the latest wedding magazines to see an array of whimsical, ‘handmade’ wedding ideas.

Take a look at our TLH Does Weddings  Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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Following, or maybe leading this trend, depending on how you look at it, many hotels and wedding venues are promoting budget packages which won’t bankrupt the happy couple and/or their parents.

TLH Leisure Resort’s Wedding package is offering your 2016 wedding at an incredible £2016. It includes all your essentials for up to 50 daytime guests and up to 70 in the evening. Plus, if you have friends and family far and wide coming, they’ll love the chance to visit Torquay and may even make a weekend of it!

Recently engaged 2016 wedding offer at TLH Leisure Resort

Get married with us at TLH Leisure resort in Torquay

Here are a few more tips to help you plan your special day on a budget:

Book your 2015 or 2016 Summer wedding at either our Toorak or Carlton Hotels for just £2015 / £2016, including 50 daytime guests enjoying a 3 course meal with wine & bubbly, plus 70 evening guests with a finger buffet. – See more at: https://www.tlh.co.uk/occasions-and-events/weddings/#sthash.MILkaOk9.dpufHere are a few other tips on how to save money on the cost of your wedding:
  • Make a list of your priorities – if you have always dreamed of arriving at the church in a horse drawn carriage, you don’t have to forgo that; just make sure you save elsewhere.
  • Confirm your budget early on and get everyone concerned on board. The days of the bride’s father footing the bill for the lot are generally long gone, so be clear about who is paying for what to avoid any awkward moments along the way.
  • Look out for hotel ‘all-inclusive’ packages which make it easier to budget – as mentioned above. You may then be able to splash out on that horse drawn carriage.
  • Generally your friends and family can’t wait to get involved. What skills do they have amongst them? Flower arranging, cake making, photography? Be sure to offer to pay for materials though – you don’t want any misunderstandings – that sort of mistake can harbour resentment for years!

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  • Remember the current trend is very definitely for handmade, folksy and individual. Home made invitations, re-purposed wedding dress and fuss-free food is where it’s at, so embrace the trend and save yourself some pennies for a fabulous honeymoon (or house deposit) instead.
  • Shop around and don’t be afraid to haggle. It’s not in our British DNA, but it could save you hundreds.

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  • The dress doesn’t have to be eye-wateringly expensive. High street wedding dresses are in abundance with the likes of Monsoon, Coast and even Tescos offering affordable options. Spending upwards of £1000 on a dress you’ll only wear once does seem a bit mad if you’re on a budget.
  • Finally it’s your special day, but it is only one day – your marriage will (hopefully!) be forever so, at risk of sounding like a very dull, sensible aunt, try not to saddle yourselves with wedding debt before you’ve even said ‘I do’.

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    TLH Toorak Hotel – wedding

Find out more about all our wedding options by calling Jocelyn, our Weddings & Events Cooridnator on 01803 400131. Or find out more here.

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Book your 2015 or 2016 Summer wedding at either our Toorak or Carlton Hotels for just £2015 / £2016, including 50 daytime guests enjoying a 3 course meal with wine & bubbly, plus 70 evening guests with a finger buffet. – See more at: https://www.tlh.co.uk/occasions-and-events/weddings/#sthash.MILkaOk9.dpuf


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