4 great things to do in Torquay, minutes from the hotel

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If you are looking for great days out and things to do in Torquay while you’re on holiday, then we have 4 great suggestions below. All 4 suggestions are within walking distance of the TLH hotels, so leave the car behind, relax and enjoy a great day out.

Things to do in Torquay

From dinosaurs to free roaming penguins, the mix is great and you’ll find something for everyone, but lets start with a blast from the past.

Torquay’s Dinosaur World – great for the kids

After 65 million years they are back and living down by Torquay harbour. This Torquay attraction is certainly one for the kids with scaled-down dinosaur models sitting side-by-side with larger dinosaur panoramas. I say it’s for the kids, but I love this kind of stuff and have secretly been around the exhibit myself.

The kids will love the life size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull and at the end of your visit you’re able to sit on a dinosaur model and have your picture taken. This goes down a treat for young and old alike and you will often see mum and dad quickly having their pictures taken.

It’s a small place situated by the harbour, but there’s plenty of really interesting dinosaur stuff for the kids to admire. Dinosaur loving kids will be in their element.

Take a look at some of the great Dinosaur models on show

The English Rivera Wheel – things to do in Torquay don’t get much higher than this…

The big wheel in Torquay

Big Wheel

If you have a head for heights, then head for the big wheel over by Torquay harbour. The Torquay big wheel (as it’s known) sits at the heart of Torquay and can be seen towering above Torquay harbour. If you are looking for a bird’s eye views of Torquay and the surrounding area then the big wheel is worth a visit. It’s higher than Nelsons column in London, with glass gondolas that give you a 360 view.

You really do need a head for heights and on a windy day it can be interesting but if views of Torbay are what you are looking for then the big wheel delivers.

Take a look at our visit to the Torquay big wheel here, as we took a closer look at this mammoth sized wheel.

Living Coast, where the penguins and birds run and fly free

Believe it or not, Torquay is home to a number of penguins and you don’t have to stand on the pier in the all weathers with a pair of binoculars to try and catch a glimpse of them. They live at Torquay’s Living Coast along with a number of many other interesting critters.

Penguins seem to be the main attraction but there are over 300 beautiful birds and an aquarium,  where you can see some great aquatic critters, including such things as deadly rays.

It’s packed with something for everyone, kids and adults alike and if you are down by Torquay harbour it’s worth popping in. It’s situated by the outer harbour and you can’t miss it as it’s covered in a giant net which is used to keep the exotic wildlife in and the gulls out.

For more information on this great attraction, then hop over to the Living Coast website, it’s packed with great information.

Things to do in Torquay - The Living Coast

Living coast

Penguins at the Living Coasts, a must see thing to do in Torquay

Feed the penguins


Torquay Museum, a fascinating collection

The museum is situated just up the road from the clock tower near the harbour and can easily be found. I love all things historical and have an interesting collection of old coin and fossils, but that’s another story. The museum caters for all the family and if you take your time wandering around its many exhibits, it can be fascinating.

The museum itself was founded in 1845 and has been going strong ever since. It houses some great collections from local fossils, geology, wildlife and Agatha Christie, to specials exhibitions like the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, which runs from the 6th June to the 1st of November. This D-day exhibition has some poignancy in the bay as the old slipways you can see in the harbour, near Haldon Pier, were used as the jumping off point for many soldiers being sent to France during the second world war.

For an in-depth insight into what the Torquay museum can offer, hop over to their website as it’s fascinating and shows you some of the great items waiting to be discovered.

There’s plenty to do in Torquay and the surrounding area and keep any eye out for our additional posts on things to do in Torquay, coming soon!

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