5 Reasons to have a Personal Trainer

We use professionals for all aspects of our life but when your physical health needs work, is it time to call in a Personal Trainer?

For those that are either new to the gym, have hit a plateau, feeling a little intimated by the gym, want to learn something new or have a goal in sight, a Personal Trainer may be something you are considering. Here at the Aztec Club, we’ve got 5 great reasons on how having a Personal Trainer can enhance your success at the gym.

1. Expert Advice

A Personal Trainer (PT) is just that, they are personal to your wants and needs. They will go through what your goals and aims are in the gym, work with you to figure out your starting point and help you build on your skill set in the gym and fitness environment.

2. Motivation

If you are new, nervous or lost in the gym, having a PT, even if just for a few months, will help you learn about the gym, how to do exercises specific for your goals and body, plus help you gain confidence to go and train alone. They will help you learn what your body is doing and teach you how to control and engage your muscles correctly, so you know what you are doing in the gym is working.

3. Change is Good

A PT should always have you as the main priority of the session, they should work with your body as an individual and change and adapt exercises so they work you as much as possible and you can get the full benefit of the session. If you are used to training but have hit a plateau; you have stopped gaining muscle, losing weight or gaining strength, then a PT can help you mix up your workout and re-jig your body into working hard again.

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4. Realistic Goals

If you have a specific goal in mind, a PT can help you put realistic goals and steps in place for you to be able to achieve them. They will also work with you on a personal level to help you train for and achieve these goals. They will be there every step of the way for you and will be there for anything you need.

5. Accountability

A Personal Trainer can be the best tool if you are serious about gaining results. However, the hard work is mainly up to you – your PT will tell you what to do, help you train in the sessions, create you a personalised training programme, help you with your diet and will be there any time you need them outside of the session. If you do exactly as they say and really use them to their full extent you will achieve your goals in a realistic time frame, although, if you don’t it will be very difficult for you to achieve them. You may still get stronger and generally fitter in terms of the gym, however, if you don’t follow their diet advice or keep missing sessions your goals will be much harder to achieve.

Remember; they are a tool and it is up to you to use them correctly to achieve results.

If you would like to find out more about Aztec Club’s Personal Training or gym memberships, see our website for more information.

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