6 Reasons Why Dancing Is Good For You

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Dancing in Torquay

It’s that time of the year again where our Saturday nights and living rooms are transformed into a sea of celebrity dancing. Yes, Strictly Come Dancing will be back on our screens before you can say ‘X Factor versus Strictly ratings war’.

Dancing of all types certainly seems to have had a resurgence in recent years and programmes such as Strictly and Got To Dance have helped fuel the flames. But why has it become so popular? What inspires anyone to take to the dance floor?

Here at TLH we like to think we know a thing or two about dancing, after all we have a whole website devoted to it! So we’ve compiled a list of 6 reasons why dancing is positively good for you.

You only have one body – use it or lose it

Keeping fit and active has a myriad of health benefits and the beauty of dancing is that you can do it well into old age. Fred Astaire kept dancing  into his 70s and Bruce Forsyth is a fine example of an octogenarian who refuses to hang up his tap shoes.  Along the way you may also find you lose weight (as so many of the Strictly Come Dancing celebs have done) and gain flexibility and strength.

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Dancing at TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay

It’s free!

Of course it is, as is running, jumping and skipping, but to dance properly requires some level of skill, depending on what sort of dancing you gravitate towards. If you love bouncing around the kitchen to the radio then that’s just fine, but if you’re interested in learning a few proper steps, whether it’s salsa, ballroom or jive then you will need to take some tuition. You could always try a Zumba class to get you started and they are only £5 at TLH’s Aztec Studio. Or our Strictly Beginners Weekend is £137pp and includes tuition for the complete novice.

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Fitness Fun in Torquay

It improves your memory

Studies show that aerobic exercise can reverse volume loss in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory. The hippocampus naturally shrinks as we age, which can leads to impaired memory and sometimes dementia. The good news is dancing can help prevent the decline as you use your memory and co-ordination to execute the steps you’ve learnt.

Tango - dancing can improve your memory

It’s good for the soul

Stress is a modern day malaise and a biological hangover from when we needed to be on high alert just to survive. Any form of exercise is generally a good way of calming those stress hormones but combining exercise with music is a sure fire way to increase the endorphins and that sense of calm and well being.

Relaxing with yoga

It’s sociable

‘Dance like no one is watching’ is a great quote and a good reminder to loosen up and not worry too much what you look like when you’re on the dance floor. It can be much more fun though when you dance with other people. Whether alone or part of a couple, you can gain so much from learning with a like minded group. Joining a dance class or going on a dance holiday can help improve your skills and confidence, as well as simply being fun.

Dancing is sociable
Meet like minded people

Boost your confidence

If you’re new to dancing, then mastering the waltz or tango will give you a huge confidence buzz. And if you already dance, then challenging yourself to learn something new or achieve the next level will motivate you to keep dancing. The magic combination of exercise, music and muscle memory as you remember which foot goes where, floods your body with feel good dopamine and increased confidence.

Strictly dancer, Natalie Lowe at ERDF
Challenge yourself

So now we’ve convinced you to give it a go, take a look at the range of dance holidays we have on offer at TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay. Whether you’re a complete beginner or are looking for something more advanced, we have it covered.

Call us on 01803 400500 to find out more about our dance holidays and do subscribe to our blog to keep in touch with TLH Leisure Resort topics.




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  1. hi, great post! i totally agree. dancing has so many benefits that are overlooked but should not be. dancing is a great form of exercise, self expression and of course, it boosts your confidence and makes you feel so happy and energized. Thank you for this article.

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