Argentine Tango Stars Dance at TLH Leisure Resort

Argentine Tango with Carlos Espinosa and Noelia Hurtado

Argentine Tango

We were so excited when we heard that top Argentine Tango dancers, Carlos Espinoza and his partner Noelia Hurtado will be coming to TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay. Possibly the world’s most famous and favourite Argentine Tango couple, they will be joining experienced dancer and host Fernando Guidi for Tango Riviera 5-8 June 2015. Although they have only been working together since 2011, Carlos and Noelia have been dancing for years, learning their skills from true maestros. Carlitos has been dancing for the last 18 years in Argentina and Chile and has been teaching since 1998. [youtube][/youtube]

Argentine Tango

This powerful and passionate dance brings to mind dramatic moves, couples dancing on the streets and in open air bars of downtown Buenos Aires and music filled with emotion. Argentine Tango is most definitely not to be confused with Ballroom Tango as it has no basic step and relies heavily on improvisation.

Tango Riviera Weekend

Fernando Guidi dances the Argentine Tango

Fernando Guidi

Tango Riviera  – at the Carlton Hotel in Torquay – provides an exciting and authentic Argentine Tango experience. Host Fernando Guidi has travelled all over the world performing and teaching and he and his team have a great understanding and passion for this dance. The weekend will take place 5-8 June 2015 and includes a full dance programme with 3 days and nights of Tango together with optional workshops and specialised private tuition. This is a wonderful opportunity to see Carlitos & Noelia in action and to learn from these masters of Argentine Tango.

Noelia Hurtado & Carlos Espinoza

Carlitos & Noelia

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