Christmas Leftovers – TLH’s Favourite Recipes

Head chef at the TLH derwent
Head Chef, Andy Johnston

In this final instalment of our festive food blogs, Head Chef at the TLH Derwent Hotel, Andy Johnston, has suggested a couple of tasty soup ideas and a deliciously indulgent Cheeseboard Macaroni to make good use of your Christmas leftovers.

You’ll also find a link for you to download a leaflet containing all of our festive leftover recipes . We hope you enjoy them.

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TLH’s Favourite Recipes for Christmas Leftovers – part 2

Nick Coombes
TLH Toorak Head Chef – Nick Coombes

Next in the spot-light for our December “foodie” line-up is Nick Coombes, head chef at the TLH Toorak Hotel. When I asked Nick to come up with some ideas for using up Christmas leftovers, I wasn’t expecting him to top the list with a recipe using the controversial Brussels sprout. However, now the BBC have adopted “Sprout Boy” as part of their promotional campaign for this year’s Christmas viewing, Nick is completely on trend with his Creamy Green Sprout and Horseradish Soup, which is absolutely delicious. Continue reading “TLH’s Favourite Recipes for Christmas Leftovers – part 2”

TLH’s Favourite Recipes for Christmas Leftovers – part 1

Dave Clifford at the TLH Victoria Hotel
Dave Clifford

Dave Clifford is our Head Chef at the TLH Victoria Hotel. Having worked during Christmas for many years he has plenty of experience creating tasty dishes using leftover turkey and other christmas leftovers. This Turkey & Chickpea curry recipe is a real treat and it’s well worth blending your own spices as you will get much more flavour than a pre-bought curry powder and you can adjust the various spices according to your personal taste. Continue reading “TLH’s Favourite Recipes for Christmas Leftovers – part 1”

TLH Chefs go Extra Mile for Hotel Guests

TLH Victoria Hotel guests visits hotel kitchens
TLH Victoria hotel chefs

Food in Britain is as diverse as it’s population. We all have our likes, dislikes and different dietary requirements, whether medical, religious or because we are just plain picky eaters!

At TLH Leisure Resort, our hotel chefs are always accommodating when it comes to pleasing our guests’ culinary preferences and will often make special arrangements to cater for the individual needs of all who stay with us and dine in our restaurants. Continue reading “TLH Chefs go Extra Mile for Hotel Guests”