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Muscle of the Month – Lower Back

What muscles does it include?

The lower back is actually a maze of many muscles working together and connecting in different places, so it is difficult to name just one main muscle to be worked as when strengthening and stretching your lower back you will be using a collection of the following muscles:

  • Erector Spinae
  • Illiocostalis
  • Spinalis
  • Longissimus
  • Multifidious
  • Iliac Crest

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July’s Healthy Recipe from the Aztec Club

This is a nice and simple alternative to a sandwich, you can make up in the morning, wrap it up and pop it in your bag ready for lunch time. It doesn’t need warming up so can be eaten on the go wherever you are! You make up a big batch of mince, keep it in the fridge and then you can put it in your wraps or heat it up with rice or a jacket potato for a nice easy hot meal.

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