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Recipe of the Month – Simple Healthy Christmas Dinner

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! You will probably be overwhelmed with a crazy amount of roast dinners and although I have given you some tips on how to stay healthy over the festive period and a few tricks on how to avoid over eating, sometimes you are just stuck with having to eat a lot due to family and friend gatherings, parties, work do’s and so on.

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November Muscle of the Month: Calf

Why is the Calf muscle important?

Having strong calf muscles is important as they are responsible for keeping both your knees and ankles strong as the muscles begin around the knee join and end at the ankles. They are a ‘deceleration’ muscle for your body so when you are running or jumping, it is your calves that take most of the weight at the bottom. They can take up to 10-12 times your body weight when you land and they support your knee joint and help keep it strong.

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