Vegan Options at the Aztec Bistro

Vegan Options at the Aztec Bistro

As a member of staff here at TLH Leisure Resort, we are encouraged to use the facilities around the resort so we can get a better understanding of what we have to offer for our customers. As I am a vegan, I was very excited to hear that the Aztec Bistro, the local restaurant here at TLH, decided to add a range of vegan options to the menu. Plus with Veganuary in full swing, there’s more and more people looking for places that offer tasty plant-based meals, so I decided there was no better time to pay a visit!

I booked a table for two and brought my boyfriend along for an evening meal. Although he is interested in trying vegan food, he isn’t vegan himself so I decided that was a good way to get a second and unbiased opinion of the new dishes.

When we arrived at the Aztec Bistro there was a very chilled atmosphere. It’s decorated with an Aztec theme which created a relaxing environment in which to dine. We picked a table overlooking the pool which is a unique aspect of the restaurant that I really enjoyed. There was something quite therapeutic about being able to look out the window and watch people swimming up and down the pool below.

Aztec Bistro

Vegan Options at Aztec Bistro

Whilst scanning through the menu, I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of vegan dishes. Many restaurants will only have one vegetarian or vegan option available, so it’s nice to have more variety to choose from.

If you fancied a light bite, you could choose a Homemade Soup of the Day, Nachos Dippers, Sauted Garlic Mushrooms or a Roasted Fennel Salad. The main meal options were a Mediterranean Vegetable Chilli, Five Beans & Spinach Curry, Aztec Falafel Stack and a Veggie Burger, so there’s definitely something to suit everyone.

I also noticed that the meals were very reasonably priced. All the vegan dishes were around the same price point as the other meals on the evening menu. This is something I appreciated as unfortunately many other restaurants will charge more for the vegan options.

The service was also very good. All the staff were friendly and served us with a smile. The waitress that took our order was also very helpful and had good knowledge of the menu. I couldn’t decide whether to go for the Aztec Falafel Stack or the Veggie Burger and she recommended the Veggie Burger as it was her personal favourite.

Veggie Burger

The Aztec Veggie Burger is a lot different to the standard veggie burger. It’s a wild mushrooms, kidney beans & sweet corn patty between aubergine slices served with jacket potato & salad.

Aztec Bistro Veggie Burger
Veggie Burger

I like that it was served with a jacket potato instead of chips because it makes a healthier meal. You can also tell the whole meal is made from vegetables and whole foods, so you’re eating natural, nutritious food and nothing overly processed. Not only was this dish healthy but it was also surprisingly flavourful and filling!

Five Beans & Spinach Curry

My boyfriend decided to go for the Five Beans & Spinach Curry. This dish is packed with beans which is a great source of plant protein, especially for those that are health conscious.

The curry had a mild coconut flavour and was both tasty and filling. My boyfriend really enjoyed his meal and said he was surprised how nice it was, especially considering he’d usually order a meat based meal. It’s even inspired him to want to try adding more vegan and plant based meals into his diet!

Aztec Bistro Five Beans & Spinach Curry
Five Beans & Spinach Curry

All in all it was an enjoyable meal from start to finish and we’d definitely go back again. I’m looking forward to trying out all the other vegan dishes on the menu, along with the new vegan options in the Alberts bar here at TLH Leisure Resort!

I’d highly recommend dining at the Aztec Bistro. It’s the perfect place for a cosy and romantic meal for two, plus all main courses are 2 for 1 on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Or you could even Dip ‘n’ Dine for the ultimate couples date. This value-for-money treat includes a swim in the indoor pools, the stunning 25 metre Aztec pool or the family fun pool, plus dining in the Aztec Bistro restaurant for only £12.50 per adult. Available every day of the week.

You can view their menus on the website and visit the Bistro page for more details about Dip ‘n’ Dine, 2 for 1 meals and evening dining.

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