Ballroom & Latin Dance Holidays for Solo Dancers

strictly come dancing glitterballThe glitter and glamour of TV’s “Strictly Come Dancing” has done much to popularise ballroom & Latin dance, inspiring many to take to the floor. “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”, recently shown on BBC2, followed celebrity choreographer Jack Murphy’s mission to get social dancing in traditional dancehalls back on the map. But what do you do if you don’t have a regular dance partner?

Media attention enthuses about ballroom dancing being a social hobby, a good way to make friends, a great form of exercise and many other positive factors, with accompanying images depicting couples gliding across the floor. Again there is distinct lack of focus on how solo dancers can get involved.

As host to many dance holidays here in Torquay, TLH Leisure Resort is keenly aware of this issue. Only last week a lady was desperately looking for a dance break suitable for two solo ladies. Apparently because of her lack of a dance partner she had been turned away by a national dance school and also a distinguished cruise line.

Chris Jackson

line dancing is ideal for solo dancers

Well thankfully help is at hand. Not only does TLH Leisure Resort include a couple of Solos Dance Breaks on the annual calendar of events, there are also several breaks where regular hosts are happy to include solo dancers. In addition to these, Linedancing holidays are just perfect for solo dancers too.

dance holidays at TLH

Hosts for Solos Holidays at TLH Leisure Resort

And don’t forget, gentlemen, you are very welcome to book on our solo dance breaks too. There is no shortage of lady dancers to partner you on the dance floor.

To ensure you get the best possible advice, resident dance expert, Linda, is available to talk through your dance experience to point you in the direction of the best breaks to suit you. You can call Linda direct on 01803 400147.

TLH Dance website

TLH’s specialist dance website

As one of the country’s leading dance holiday venues, TLH Leisure Resort has its own specialist website for dancing and dance holidays in Torquay, where you can find details about the year round calendar of events on offer including ballroom & Latin dance, Social, Sequence and many others.

2 thoughts on “Ballroom & Latin Dance Holidays for Solo Dancers

  1. Keith Stevenson

    Ballroom – Latin American -Teacher (MIDTA) l over 50 years experienced: NATD Amateur medallist
    Aged 67, ‘a party person’ I seek Lady/ Ladies to share Social dances.
    As I live in the tiny village of Foxhole, in Clay Country Mid- Cornwall, I would appreciate once a week or monthly, and prefer Saturday Evenings, hopefully in Cornwall.
    Due to the Cultural-isolation, experienced by living near St Austell, I have missed Ballroom Dancing, since moving over 5 years ago. I would hence be happy dancing at Improvers / Bronze / Silver level, with Party dances included

    I do not know how practical this is, due to distance from Mid-Cornwall to Mid-Devon
    My contact:

  2. Matt White

    Hi Keith. Thanks for reading our blog and commenting. We have forwarded your details to our dance coordinator who may be able to help with your dance requirements. We’d love to help get you back dancing again.

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