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“Strictly Come Dancing” is in their Blood


Lynette Boyce and her family

3 generations of the Boyce Family

The new “Strictly” season is back on the BBC, but it’s Strictly Come Dancing every day of the year for Lynette Boyce and her family, for whom dancing well and truly runs in the blood. For over 40 years members of the Boyce family have been wowing audiences and judges with their ballroom dancing prowess. Between them they have won numerous championship awards. Continue reading

A Brief Guide To Sequence Dancing

Sequence dancing at TLH Leisure ResortWith dance numbers apparently in decline you may be surprised to learn that Sequence Dancing is probably the most popular form of traditional ballroom dancing in the UK with good regular attendances at local clubs and classes. So, what exactly is sequence dancing and what makes it different? Continue reading

Scottish Country Dancing – Join in at TLH

Scottish Country DancingThanks to the efforts of the RSCDS, Scottish Country Dancing is probably more popular today than it has ever been. However, to the uninitiated there are probably a number of misconceptions about Scottish Dancing, which would cause purists and experts to shudder. Continue reading

New Ballroom & Latin “Dance Extravaganza” Comes to Torquay

salsa dancingAre you a lover of Ballroom & Latin Dance?  Have you ever wondered about the origins of some of your favourite dances? Inspired by a new midweek ”Dance Extravaganza taking place at the TLH Victoria Hotel in Torquay later this year, we’ve had some fun delving through the archives and hope you enjoy our brief potted histories. Continue reading

Ballroom & Latin Dance Holidays for Solo Dancers

strictly come dancing glitterballThe glitter and glamour of TV’s “Strictly Come Dancing” has done much to popularise ballroom & Latin dance, inspiring many to take to the floor. “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”, recently shown on BBC2, followed celebrity choreographer Jack Murphy’s mission to get social dancing in traditional dancehalls back on the map. But what do you do if you don’t have a regular dance partner? Continue reading