6 Spring Activities not to be Missed in Torquay

6 Spring Activities not to be Missed in Torquay

The sight of sunny, yellow daffodils are a wonderful sign that spring has arrived! With the mild climate and the lighter nights, the English Riviera is the perfect place to take a short break. If you’re looking for spring activities within walking distance of TLH, we’ve listed a few of our favourites things to do for anyone visiting Torquay and South Devon.

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Best beaches in Torquay near to TLH Leisure Resort?

Best beaches in TorquayFor many, a holiday in Torquay means a visit to the beach. Torquay and the surrounding area has a number of great beaches to suit all tastes. Some of the best beaches in Torquay are just a short drive or walk away from TLH Leisure Resort.

From rocky beaches to flat, fine sandy beaches, there’s some great beaches to chose from. Let’s take a look at just a few of the main beaches in Torquay within easy reach of TLH Leisure Resort.

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What makes tourists come to Torbay?

Torquay Marina 7
Torquay Marina

What makes you choose to buy something new or go on holiday to somewhere different? From chocolates to cars to flights you only have to switch on the TV to see how major companies promote themselves. A resort like Torbay is in the same league as big business. Tourism locally has a turnover of 430 million and employs 11,500 people. The only difference is that it isn’t Torbay plc but a fragmented industry of over a thousand small businesses and so there is no multimillion pound marketing budget. In fact if you added up everyone’s marketing money it would run into millions but each business spends their money separately with little national impact. This is why Destination Marketing is so important. Continue reading “What makes tourists come to Torbay?”