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Monthly Aztec Hashtag Competition – Your Pics Win Prizes

Aztec Leisure Hashtag Competition

According to research, over 17 million selfies are uploaded each week on social media! If, like so many of us, you enjoy taking the occasional selfie and use one or more of our Aztec Spa, Aztec Gym or Aztec Studio facilities, then your photos could win you some great prizes in our monthly Aztec hashtag  photo competition. Read on to see how you can enter. Continue reading

Fitness Classes Success Story at the Aztec Studio

TLH Aztec Studio fitness classWhen you take a look at Steph Cant’s “Before & After” photos she is living proof that fitness classes, healthy eating and a positive mental attitude can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel. Steph – we are so proud of you and we’re delighted that the Aztec Studio in Torquay has given you support along the way. Continue reading

Fitness Class Ideas for 2016

Couple doing sit ups as part of exercise classSo how are  those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Chances are, if you’re like most people, you’ve already fallen off the wagon. Whether it’s cutting out alcohol, dieting or taking up a new fitness regime, by the second week of January it all seems like too much effort. It’s a miserable month at the best of times, so why deny yourself some of life’s simple pleasures?

Taking more exercise is one of the most beneficial resolutions you can make, so why do we find it so hard? The answer could be that we simply won’t stick at something we don’t enjoy, so the secret is to find something you like doing.

Pounding the pavements or lifting weights isn’t for everyone but exercising in a group or to music may just be the motivation you need. Let us guide you through our selection of some of the latest fun but effective fitness class ideas for 2016. Continue reading

Why Start New Fitness Classes in September? Because they’re FREE!

excercise class participant at Aztec Studio TorquayForget the New Year, September is my time for setting goals, making changes and looking ahead. It’s obviously a hangover from my school and college days, when the last week of the summer holidays would be spent buying shiny new school shoes, fresh uniform and, best of all, masses of pristine stationery.

So, fast forward a good few years and September still holds that thrill of exciting possibilities, one of which is to start a new fitness regime, buoyed up by that ‘new season, fresh start and back to school’ feeling. It seems the learning and trying something new philosophy is strong at this time of year. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Pilates

Woman doing Pilates workoutI had heard a lot about Pilates, mainly from glossy magazines featuring the latest A- lister with gazelle like legs and super toned arms. However, it definitely has more benefits than purely cosmetic. Having done my research and started a class at Torquay’s Aztec Studio, here are my top 6 reasons why you should do Pilates. Continue reading