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Spa you Man Enough?

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Male facial

When I think spa, I immediately think, girly manicures, robes, fluffy slippers, some kind of face cream and cucumber slices. I couldn’t justify paying to sit around in a dressing gown with cucumber over my eyes, listening to Enya’s greatest hits and cringing whilst a stranger got up close and personal to my unkempt feet and facial features? This was until I enjoyed my first full on spa treatment at the TLH Aztec Spa, Torquay, Devon and now I can’t wait for my next visit! Read on to find out why spas really ARE for men and why I wouldn’t hesitate on going back. Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas at TLH Leisure Resort

12 Days of Christmas at TLH Leisure Resort


At some time during our lives most of us have listened to or sung along with “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Its specific origins are not known, but it possibly began as a Twelfth Night memory and forfeit game. The song itself may originally have been a French carol going as far back as the 1700’s.

Anyway – enough of the history lesson. Here are our 12 day reminders for you including some Christmas gift ideas, and some ways to pass the time away here at TLH Leisure Resort during your own 12 days of Christmas. Continue reading