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Aztec pools Torquay

Aztec Leisure in Torquay

So the long summer holidays are over, the kids are back at school and parents everywhere are congratulating themselves on getting through another 6 weeks of juggling childcare and ‘quality’ time with their offspring. As family life gets back to routine, weekends take on a new significance. And as the weather starts to turn chillier and wetter, just how do you entertain the family at the weekend?

Yellow Submarine soft play in Aztec Gamessoft play

Soft play in Torquay

Aztec Leisure, part of Torquay’s TLH Leisure Resort, has the answer. Whether it’s 10pin bowling, soft play or dipping and dining, it’s all there under one roof. I took my 5 year old nephew along last Sunday to see just what’s available.

We went straight to Aztec  Games, via a newly built entrance, bringing it closer to the existing Aztec facilities such as the indoor pool and the Bistro. This large space has just undergone a bit of a revamp to bring it in line with the other Aztec themed areas. There are still a few finishing touches to complete, but all the games and activities are ready for use. We headed for the soft play area, the Yellow Submarine, to work off some energy. This was perfect for me as I could sit with a decent cup of coffee whilst Joe charged around for half an hour. Even better was we took advantage of their Family Special, so it was only £2 for a play and a soft drink for Joe.

Older children and adults will love the 10 pin bowling ( a bit beyond Joe yet, although there are children’s rails to help younger ones). There’s also pool, snooker, table tennis and air hockey as well as a host of redemption arcade games. And when it gets too much, the grown ups can relax at the bar with a coffee, or something stronger! What better way to entertain the whole family at the weekend?

Aztec Pool at Aztec Leisure

Aztec leisure in torquay

Next we felt a swim was in order. This was the highlight as Joe is a real water baby. The Dip’ Dine package is great value – for £12 (adults) you get a swim and a £6 voucher to use in the Bistro. You only pay £6 for children under 12, with £3 to use in the Bistro.You don’t even have to do the dipping and dining on the same day! We knew we’d be starving though after a swim so booked a table for 1pm. The Aztec pool is amazing. There’s nothing quite like it in the area – a 25 metre indoor pool with a stunning ziggurat at one end. Columns decorated with an Aztec design rise up to the ceiling, softened by green planting and a large mural on one wall transports you to the Central American mountains of the Aztec and Mayan tribes. Definitely not your average hotel pool, plus it is deliciously warm. If you want more of a ‘wallow’ rather than swimming lengths, you can always take a dip in the adjacent free form fun pool where it is even warmer. Really little ones can splash around under the watchful eye of Mum or Dad in the toddler’s pool. I was dying to take to the sauna or steam room, but that’s not an option with a 5 year old in tow. Next time!


Outdoor play area at Aztec Leisure

outdoor play area in torquay

After we’d dried and dressed (which took me back to when my own children were young – it’s more exhausting than the swimming!), we had a scrumptious lunch in the Aztec Bistro. As we’re experiencing somewhat of an Indian summer, we sat outside on the terrace and once Joe had finished his chips (will apologise to his Mum later!) he was off to climb around in the outdoor playground and have a go on the traversing wall. Another chance for me to take time over a coffee, which is delicious by the way. Had the weather not been as kind, I’m sure we would have been back down to Aztec Games for more fun and games.

Finally I managed to drag Joe away with a promise that we would return with Mummy and Daddy and here’s an idea – Daddy could go for a swim, whilst Mummy and I have a manicure in the Aztec Spa!

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours and would be a perfect destination on one of those wet and windy weekends when the kids are threatening to wreck the house and everyone is getting fed up with each other.

Aztec Leisure have a range of offers available for the Spa, Gym, Bistro and the Aztec Fitness Studio. You can download yours at



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