An Introduction to ELEMIS Superfood

ELEMIS Super food
ELEMIS Superfood Skin Care Range

Combining the pure power of concentrated Superfoods with the science and expertise behind every ELEMIS formula, the ELEMIS Superfood range packs a powerful punch.

What are Superfoods and why would we want them in our skincare products?

Superfoods contain a high level of nutrients, and there are many nutrients that we eat which are also beneficial in other ways when applied topically to your skin. Superfoods are usually considered a Superfood when they contain a higher level of nutrient compared to other foods.

Superfoods are all about your health, and the ELEMIS Superfood products support that philosophy and take it into skincare to deliver healthy looking skin that leaves your skin looking fresh, luminous, bright and radiant.

The Key Ingredients – Anti oxidants

Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and polyphenols found in many super-fruits can help to protect it from environmental aggressors such as pollution, which are known to be able to cause oxidation stress on the skin.

How do antioxidants work?

Normal cellular processes as well as stressors like cigarette smoke and sunburn, trigger your body to produce excessive amounts of cell damaging molecules called free radicals. Many ingredients that we use in the Superfood range are known to be sources of anti-oxidants, Goji berry extract, Ginger ferment extract & Rice bran oil for example.

Where can you get your hands on some of these amazing Superfood products? At our Aztec Spa in Torquay we offer a range of the ELEMIS Superfoods including;

Superfood Facial Wash 150ml – £25

Superfood Facial wash
ELEMIS Superfood facial wash

This Superfood facial wash is a green balanced skincare cleanser that leaves the complexion feeling deeply nourished and replenished. The product includes ingredients such as, Wheatgrass extract, Broccoli Seed Oil, Kale extract, Nettle extract, Avocado oil and Organic Pumpkin seed oil.

Superfood Facial Oil 15ml – £45

Facial oil
ELEMIS Superfood Facial oil

This facial oil can be used to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. This product includes ingredients such as Broccoli, Flax Seed, Daikon Radish, Cucumber, Macadamia and Rice Bran.

Superfood Day Cream 50ml – £42

ELEMIS Superfood day Cream
ELEMIS Superfood Day Cream

Superfood day cream replenishes the skin with high potency nutrients and vitamins. Includes, Matcha Tea, Broccoli Seed, Cucumber, Green Mandarin, Goji Bery, Ginger Ferment and Daikon Radish.

Superfood Night Cream 50ml – £46

ELEMIS Superfood Night Cream
ELEMIS Superfood Night Cream

This night cream is intensely hydrating, feeds and replenishes dry skin that looks and feels depleted and sallow. The cream includes, Barley, Quinoa, Flax, Rice Bran and Black Seed.

Pop in to the Aztec Spa in Torquay to purchase your ELEMIS Superfood products today, or if you are interested in anymore information or another other products and treatments at our spa, please call us on 01803 400190 or visit our website.  

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