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New to TLH – Jack Attack Bowls

2 March 2022

TLH Leisure Resort have a long history of hosting bowls holidays, both traditional long mat and short mat, but for 2022 there is a new style of bowling in town! Jack Attack hails from Australia and is a fun and fast-paced style of tournament, based on the traditional form of lawn bowls. It was conceived to help encourage participation with non-bowling members of the community.

Sadly traditional membership to bowls clubs is declining and even those who are keen to ‘have a go’ find the longer style of more formal play too off-putting. The belief is that there is a bowling audience out there who would be willing to get more involved if the format was more appealing – and that’s where Jack Attack comes in.

TLH Leisure Resort, Torquay, Indoor Bowls

Jack Attack is easy to play, even for non-bowlers!  There are three players per team (known as triples), each with two bowls, who play two sets of five ends, and if the sets are split then a one-end tie-breaker is played to determine a winner – and it’s all over in less than 75 minutes! JACK ATTACK RULES

Where Can I Try Jack Attack?

TLH are adding a Jack Attack bowling break to their programme of festivals and tournaments so you have the chance to give it a go, whilst also enjoying a short break on the English Riviera. The breaks takes place in December so is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit.

And, if you are a member of your local bowls club and would like to start up a Jack Attack programme, we liked this advice from Bowls Australia on the characteristics needed to make it a success. We think it sums it up very well!

It is essential that you have the correct individual at your club to run the Jack Attack program. Some key characteristics that you may wish to look for in a Jack Attack Coordinator are that they:

  • Are always happy
  • Always have a smile on their face
  • Are welcoming to all individuals
  • Have a bubbly personality
  • Are energetic
  • Are up for a challenge

Jack Attack Break at TLH Leisure Resort

You will enjoy 2 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the 3 star TLH Derwent Hotel and, being December, there will definitely be a festive feel to your stay! The break dates are Friday 9th to Sunday 11th December 2023. Find out more

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