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Linedance Fun in Torquay

2 November 2015
TLH Carlton Hotel
Linedance at the TLH Carlton Hotel

Linedance as we know it today has evolved way beyond its original roots in country and western dancing. Forget the image of cowboy hats and “yee-ha” as these days linedancing is accompanied by a wide variety of music styles, both new and old. As long as it has a regular beat, you can linedance to it! 

Exactly as the name suggests, linedance is a performance of set routine by lines of individual dancers who don’t need partners. As it continues to grow in popularity, different trends are taking the forefront including disco, techno, hip-hop, Irish and Latin American. In essence it is very social and is a great dance style for solos to get together and have some fun on the dance floor.

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson of Floorshakers

UKA qualified dance instructor Chris Jackson of Floorshakers is a regular face at TLH Leisure Resort, holding regular classes and teaching sessions. He also hosts a number of popular linedance holidays during the year. Aimed to keep you young, fit and healthy in a fun and friendly way, these breaks are suitable for all ages, and as we have already said there’s no pressure to find a partner.

Chris’ November break has already sold out, so the next date to look out for on the calendar is Twixmas when Chris is joined by co-host and top performer Karl Harry Winson.

Karl Harry Winson

Karl Harry Winson

Karl Harry Winson was first introduced into Line Dancing at the age of 13 when his mum dragged him along to one of her classes. Somewhat reluctantly he went and remembers the first dance he learnt was ‘California Freeze’. From that moment Karl was hooked.

His career has taken him through theatre schools, first as a pupil – his main ambition being to appear on the West End stage – and now as a teacher of song and dance. Karl has choreographed “Knockin’ on Wood”, “Without Fire”, “Jealousy”, “About Time” and the number one smash hit “Alcazar”.

Twixmas Linedance Break

Chris Jackson
Chris on a previous TLH holiday

When the big day is over and everyone is full of turkey and mince pies, you can be left feeling a little low, so what better way to liven up the Twixmas period between Christmas Day and New Year than celebrating with friends on the dance floor. There’s no excuse for being a wallflower as anyone can join in our linedance holidays. There are still places left on the Twixmas Break at the TLH Victoria Hotel , so come along, make some new friends and join in the fun, because as Karl himself says “…having fun is the highlight of it all.”

Take a few minutes to watch our video and see for yourself why Chris’ holidays at TLH Leisure Resort are so popular.

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