Management Development Programme

Management & Development Programme

We have six courses that help our managers to become better at managing people and provide them with the skills to become good leaders – Our Training Officer, Mary-Ann explains more. 

It’s been a pleasure to work with our managers and supervisors throughout this round of Management courses. It always good to teach this programme and the results are always positive with our managers enjoying the learning process and meeting other managers that remain a support to each other, and the managers that took part in this programme showed dedication and promise.

The programme consists of 6 courses that help to up-skill and improve on the managers own ability and to help their staff develop skills.

The 6 courses are:

Introduction to Management: This course focuses on management skills and responsibilities.

Recruitment and Selection: We learn effective methods and procedures for recruiting the right person.

Managing Employee Performance: Managers learn the skills required to identify knowledge and training  gaps and how to deal effectively with challenges that their role may bring.

Appraisal Skills: Managers up-skill on their ability to carry out effective appraisals and understand the importance of appraisals.

Financial Awareness: This course involves understanding business planning process and models, and practices to manage budgets effectively.

Leadership and Motivation: Managers learn new skills that apply to motivating and leading staff, also this course blends all the learning together to show evidence of the knowledge they have gain throughout the programme, by analysing a case study and delivering a group presentation.

(left to right) Laurie Moncrieff, Ola Dutkiewicz, Anna Sykulska, Dan Knight, Connor Doyle, Balazs Csajagi, Steve Green

I would like to thank all the managers that committed to the programme and worked extremely well as a team and that is very encouraging as they continue on their journey as managers in TLH. I wish them all success in their roles here at TLH.

Mary-Ann Fudge (Training Officer)


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