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Management Training and Development


Here at TLH we have recently completed another round of the Management and Development Programme. We have six courses that help our managers to become better at managing people and provide them with the skills to become good leaders.


The courses that we deliver allow our managers to develop and adopt styles that suit, to inspire and motivate others complimenting what we do as a business. Throughout the programme managers are encouraged to talk freely about situational circumstances so they can learn from each other as well as guidance from the methods that are being taught.

The programme focuses on:

  1. Introduction to Management
  2. Recruitment and Selection
  3. Managing Employee Performance
  4. Appraisal Skills
  5. Financial Awareness
  6. Leadership and Motivation

Feedback from our Managers

Here are some comments from our Managers who recently took part in the programme.

‘The benefits of completing the MDP programme are in how much my confidence has grown, also being able to use different methods of formulating a plan to solve problems.’ Gemma Whatley, TLH Victoria Reception

‘Having been with TLH for 10 years, I have attended these courses before but this time round I found them more informative and interactive.’ Tara Wills – Private Reservations

‘These courses are the most informative and enjoyable management training I have ever been on.’ Ancuta Moisa, TLH Derwent Reception and Management

‘I really enjoyed the programme especially when we worked in pairs or in groups, our trainer Mary-Ann was prepared, helpful and really kind. I had a great time and was a good experience.’ Robert Radvanszky, TLH Toorak Restaurant

From our Training Officer

The MDP programme offers our managers the opportunity to up-skill and many have gone on to be very successful, running well managed departments. We continue to support our managers through a mentoring programme which is optional, should any manager wish to gain more knowledge/experience pairing with an experienced member of the management team here at TLH to help develop their skills further.

I would like to congratulate the Managers that committed to attending the courses, supporting each other and the business through their motivation to learn new skills, to ensure that their staff are well managed and get the best from their employment at TLH.




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