Monthly Aztec Hashtag Competition – Your Pics Win Prizes

Aztec Leisure Hashtag Competition

Aztec Leisure Hashtag Competition

According to research, over 17 million selfies are uploaded each week on social media! If, like so many of us, you enjoy taking the occasional selfie and use one or more of our Aztec Spa, Aztec Gym or Aztec Studio facilities, then your photos could win you some great prizes in our monthly Aztec hashtag  photo competition. Read on to see how you can enter.

How to Enter

It’s easy to enter and you probably already have plenty of photos that you could use. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take a photo before, during or after your Aztec Gym, Studio or Spa visit.
  2. Upload it to Instagram or Twitter using the appropriate hashtag i.e. #AztecGymGains #AztecSpaLove or #AztecStudioFit (Don’t forget to add a description too).
    Check-in on Facebook with a photo using one of our competition hashtags.
  3. Repeat the process throughout the month and every month to increase your chances of winning.
  4. At the end of each month, we’ll pick a winner who’ll receive either a one month Aztec Studio pass, a one Month Aztec Gym membership or a free Aztec Spa treatment.*

Important: Your Facebook posts must be set to ‘public’ and your Instagram/Twitter accounts must not be private in order for us to see your posts.

What Type of Photos are we Looking for?

Hannah Brown - #AztecStudioFit

Hannah Brown – #AztecStudioFit

Cherryvedore13 #AztecSpaLove

Cherryvedore13 #AztecSpaLove

justmattwhite #AztecGymGains

justmattwhite #AztecGymGains

We don’t want to dampen your creative flair, so be imaginative when thinking of what to post. The above photo is a great group selfie entered using #AztecStudioFit but if you didn’t want to be the focus of the photo, you could take a picture of some of the equipment, the view from the studio or your favourite exercise outfit. The possibilities are endless.Be creative with a collage. This entry made the most of using multiple photos from their Aztec Spa visit. Don’t want to take photos whilst at the spa? You can show us how great you look or feel once you’ve had your treatment and are back at home relaxing or preparing for that big night out.

I didn’t want to be left out of the fun and thought I would get things started in the #AztecGymGains competition. Here’s my entry in the Aztec Gym (not that I’ll be winning of course). You could use the competition to show us your progress in the gym or to highlight your favourite piece of gym equipment.

We’ll update the gallery below as the entries roll in so be sure to check back or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as we’ll share all of the  entries there too.


*Hashtag Competition Terms and Conditions:

Aztec Studio: A free, one month, studio pass will be issued for the following month once the winner is announced.

Aztec Gym: Gym membership type will match your current membership at time of competition. If you are not a member, the prize will be an Aztec Gold membership.

Aztec Studio:  A free, one month, studio pass will be issued for the following month once the winner is announced.

Entrants must be 18 or older. Winners will be selected and contacted on the last weekday of every month.

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