‘Stars’ making your stay extra special

Training days
Staff training days

Our STARs programme is all about customer service which is at the heart of TLH. The ethos of STARs relates to being on the stage, staff being the STARs of the show and the audience are our Customers. As a stage performer would, our staff are showcasing their skills to the customer, ensuring they have the best experience possible. Read on to find out what was involved in our staff training. Continue reading “‘Stars’ making your stay extra special”

Spa you Man Enough?

4x4 Male facial funny image spa shutterstock
Male facial

When I think spa, I immediately think, girly manicures, robes, fluffy slippers, some kind of face cream and cucumber slices. I couldn’t justify paying to sit around in a dressing gown with cucumber over my eyes, listening to Enya’s greatest hits and cringing whilst a stranger got up close and personal to my unkempt feet and facial features? This was until I enjoyed my first full on spa treatment at the TLH Aztec Spa, Torquay, Devon and now I can’t wait for my next visit! Read on to find out why spas really ARE for men and why I wouldn’t hesitate on going back. Continue reading “Spa you Man Enough?”

Ballroom Tango and Argentine Tango?

Learn to Tango
Learn to Tango

What is it about Latin American dancing that makes it sound so glamorous, especially the tango? For me, mention ”tango” and I can immediately picture couples dancing under foreign skies in a close embrace on warm, dusky evenings to sultry sounding music. OK, so I might be getting a bit carried away. And this is where I must admit that as a novice I get quite muddled as I struggle to tell the difference between ballroom tango and Argentine tango. Continue reading “Ballroom Tango and Argentine Tango?”

6 Reasons Why Dancing Is Good For You

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Dancing in Torquay

It’s that time of the year again where our Saturday nights and living rooms are transformed into a sea of celebrity dancing. Yes, Strictly Come Dancing will be back on our screens before you can say ‘X Factor versus Strictly ratings war’.

Dancing of all types certainly seems to have had a resurgence in recent years and programmes such as Strictly and Got To Dance have helped fuel the flames. But why has it become so popular? What inspires anyone to take to the dance floor?

Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Dancing Is Good For You”