Christmas Party Pampering

AG Photographer

As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and colleague, many women today have a lot of demands on their time, especially at this festive time of year. Time spent on yourself is time (and money) well spent. You will feel better able to tackle everything that Christmas throws at you over the next few weeks.

The Aztec Spa knows this to be true! They have come up with two scrumptious party season packages to help recharge your batteries.  Depending on your available time and budget you can either plump for the Christmas Sparkle at just £34 or the Ultimate Christmas Cracker at £69. Both packages represent a significant saving on having the treatments individually, so are definitely good value for money. They are a perfect way to feel special before a big night out or as a pick-me-up after a hectic day Christmas shopping.

Even better, why not just treat yourself, for no other reason than you deserve it!

Happy Christmas!

TLH achieves Investors in People for 7th time!

We have just said ‘cheerio’ to our Investors in People assessor. He’s been with us for the past 3 days as we have just had our 3 yearly re-assessment for the national accreditation – Investors in People.

Investors in People is awarded to businesses who train, develop and involved their staff to help them achieve business improvements. We first got IIP in 1992, and this is our 7th successful re-assessment – not many businesses can make that claim.

The assessment is a very thorough process. 35 staff were interviewed across the 3 days to establish not only whether we still maintained the standard, but also to see if we had made improvements since the last time he was here. He was really pleased with what he found,  and was extremely complimentary about the people he met saying that we had gone from ‘strength to strength’ over the past 3 years.

So great news all round, holding IIP is very important to us as a business and says a lot about the great team of people that work here at TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay.

New Year’s Eve Thoughts

How will you be spending New Year’s Eve this year?

It’s the one celebration which seems to throw the most hardened partygoers into a flat spin. Where is the best party, who else is going, what shall I wear?

The pressure to have the most memorable party ever gets to some people, who either get hopelessly drunk and miserable or decide to give the whole thing a miss and stay in, with only Jools Holland for company.

My own New Year’s Eve celebrations have been eventful in the past, from a fancy dress disaster (I’m sure it said ‘fancy dress on the invite?!) to an episode of instant food poisoning after a meal out. More often than not there have been arguments, tears and dreadful hangovers the next day. And nobody ever knows what they are doing until the very last minute. A case of waiting for a better offer – after all it is the most important party of the year – it would be disastrous to have accepted the invitation to a sophisticated dinner party while elsewhere other friends are playing Twister and dancing on the coffee table!

Last year we held our own party but the stress of waiting to see if anyone would actually turn up was too much and once again, you guessed it, there were arguments, tears and a dreadful hangover the next day!

So enough is enough and this year I’m looking to someone else to do all the work. I may book a table in the Aztec Bistro at TLH Leisure Resort, where for just £39.95 a head I’ll be able to enjoy a lovely meal and join the live entertainment and disco afterwards in the Starlight Lounge. It sounds like a great way to see in the New Year with a group of friends and the menu looks delicious. Take a look here New Years Eve menu.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it and for goodness sake double check before turning up in fancy dress!

Thanks to Kylie Minogue it is Movember at TLH

Whilst reading my twitter updates at the start of November Kylie Minogue tweeted a good luck message to all the guys taking part in Movember.

I was intrigued so I clicked on the link to find that November was being renamed Movember in aid of Prostate Cancer. They want men to grow a moustache throughout the whole of November and get donations for doing so.

I mentioned it to my Restaurant Manager, Darryl, and the next thing I knew he had signed up a group of the Carlton and Aztec guys who thought it was a great idea. Hence thanks to a Kylie tweet I am now growing a scary third eyebrow on my upper lip!

We are half way through the month and to be honest I cannot wait to shave it off. However it is such a good cause that we will persist with it and post some more photos at the end of the month.

Here is a photo of the guys at the half way mark…… no funny comments about a village people reunion please!

TLH Skydivers raise money for Rowcroft Hospice

TLH Skydive

Good to go!

Well we did it…after months of planning and fundraising the day arrived and skydiving here we come! On Saturday 6th November myself, Steph, Ryan, Adam and Darryl all met at the Derwent Hotel in Torquay at 6.30am to go to Dunkerswell Airfield in Honiton to throw ourselves out of a perfectly good aeroplane all in the name of charity! Along with Chris who drove the mini bus and our cheerleaders Jess & Gemma we set of on the hour-long journey to Skydive UK Ltd’s centre at Dunkerswell Airfield in Honiton. 

On arrival we were all starting to get a little bit nervous, and that increased a little bit when we had to sit through the safety briefing. Being reminded that this is a dangerous sport and that there are lots of risks involved really didn’t help to ease our nerves! Having said that, the briefing was really thorough and made us all feel a little bit better by the end.

TLH Skydive

Steph looking a bit nervous!

We were disappointed to find out that we couldn’t all jump together, as they didn’t have enough instructors to take all five of us on the same flight, so we were split into 2 groups. Steph, Darryl and myself went up first at about 9.30am. It was a lovely clear day and we were all introduced to our tandem chaps, mine was called Andy. As I was being filmed, I also had a chat with my cameraman Shaun. Both guys were really nice and really helped make us all feel better.

At 15,000 ft the door to the plane opened and we got ready. Shuffling along the bench on the plane and then onto my knees with Andy strapped behind me, and yes I did keep checking I was secure!! Shaun stepped out first and hung onto the side so he could film me exiting the plane…and then it was off! Very strange feeling, it really didn’t feel like we were falling at 120mph, more like we were floating! And that’s what it was like for about 60 seconds whilst we fell 10,000ft and then Andy opened the parachute, and man was that a strange sensation; suddenly I’m being pulled back up again! Very odd I can tell you, but then your just gliding, steering the chute and looking out over Exeter. On landing we had to lift up our legs so we landed on our bums and skidded across the grass and before you know it it’s all over! I ran across to Steph and gave her a huge hug, it was the most amazing feeling in the world. Once we had all landed it was into a mini-bus to take us back to the centre where nervous friends and family were waiting, very relieved to see us all in one

TLH skydive for rowcroft

Jenny at 15000 feet!

piece, especially Ryan and Adam as they were up next! Ryan and Adam then got ready to go and I think they were a bit nervous too, although seeing us land safely helped I think! It seemed to go really quick and before we knew it they had landed and we were back in the mini-bus heading home.

A heroes welcome awaited us in Albert’s, although poor Darryl had to go to work in the evening and lucky Steph was off to a concert in Plymouth! So, Adam, Ryan and myself, along with our cheerleaders spent the afternoon reliving the experience over and over, I think the word of the day was EPIC!

I still can’t believe that we all did it, and not only that but we did it for charity, to raise money for a really good cause. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us to raise this money for Rowcroft Hospice which provides palliative care for the residents of Torbay and South Devon.  At the moment we are still collecting money so as soon as we have the final figure we will let you all know exactly what we’ve raised for them, although I think it will be around the £1500 mark, helped by the TLH Family Fun Day back in October, which was sponsored by Steers Greengrocers, MJ Baker Foodservice and Caterfood to name but a few!

Thank you again for all your support and we can’t wait to present Rowcroft with their cheque soon.

Jenny ‘Skydiver’ Shipton!!

TLH skydivers

What a day!

Terri Kennard reports on all things bowling at TLH Leisure Resort.

Great News from Hampshire – Hot off the Press

Portsdown SMBCPortsdown SMBC, headed by Richard Allen, run the Portsdown Charity 5’s competition every November. It’s a great event with many clubs taking part. The format is that 5 people create a team and they play a pairs and a triples discipline with cumulative scores after the games. It’s such a great format, based on real bowling teamwork, that TLH adopted it for its 4321 competition in February. The Charity 5’s is also a big fund raising event, and this year their chosen charity was The PBC Foundation. PBC, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis is a slow, chronic liver disease, which is not brought on by alcohol abuse. Anyone can develop this condition, and it can become very serious.

 The final was very closely fought with Laven against Portsdown SMB. After the pairs were completed it was 5 shots each, and after the triples the score was even again, so an extra end had to be played. The winner of that extra end was Portsdown SMBC, so they are the 2010 champions. Well done guys and gals, you must be proud of yourselves.

 The event raised a fantastic £1035.59 (where did the 59p come from?) and the 2 night mid week break voucher supplied by TLH raised a super £96 which is included in that total fund. That’s brilliant. Topping this sum up with £500 won during the Worthing Open Charity Event, Portsdown were able to donate £1535.59p to the Foundation. Roger Flake won the holiday voucher from TLH and I very much look forward to welcoming him to TLH in the future.

NEW FOR 2011 Turkey and Tinsel Short Mat Treat

I am often asked about non-competitive short mat bowling. As most of our bowling at TLH is competitive I am pleased to announce the arrival of our new Short Mat Break. The title says it all: It’s a real Christmas treat. 

Dates: Friday 2nd – Monday 5th December 2011 – 3 nights from only £142�
Based at our Derwent Hotel the break consists of : 

A flexible timetable to suit you
Non competitive bowling
Bowl as much or as little as you want to
Bowl against other guests at the hotel or local sides.
Festive dress optional on one day of your stay
Full Turkey and tinsel programme of events at TLH
Full festive entertainment, with dancing and cabarets.
Play on mats laid on the bowling arena
No rink fees It’s just a great way to have fun at Christmas with your friends, do that last little bit of Christmas shopping in the town, or just relax and enjoy yourselves around the resort.  Call Sarah on 01803 400116 for more information. To book call Reservations on 01803 400500.

Getting ready for Christmas

I want to say how much I am looking forward to seeing you all over the Christmas Tournament period. It is always nice to meet the friends that we make over the years and to welcome you back to TLH. I also look forward to meeting the new faces that will be making their debut at TLH this year.

I know just how much coming away on a bowling break means to you and please be assured that TLH does its very best to make sure that you have the very best of time.

Signing off now

Jingle bells.