No Conflict in our Workplace!

Here at TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay we really care about our staff and want to make sure that they feel safe and secure at all times whilst at work. With this in mind I teamed up with Phil Sturgess from OCP West to put 15 of our staff through the “Dealing with Conflict” training programme. This full day course ran on Tuesday 22nd March and was attended by a variety of staff from all over the resort. Phil made sure that the trainer, Tony, knew all about us and planned the session to cover everything we would need.

Dealing with conflict in the workplace is such a difficult thing to do and crosses all sorts of areas of work. People normally consider bar staff to be the only ones affected by conflict but we have seen that this isn’t the case at all. In every area of our business we will come across people and situations that we don’t know how to deal with. What Phil and OCP West have done is tailor a session to suit our specific needs, and also to make it a bit of fun as well!

You can see from the photo that everyone enjoyed the training and a big well done goes out to all who attended…I could list them all but it may take some time!!

Thanks Phil and Tony for providing such a valuable training course and I’m sure we will be sending more people your way soon!!


Training at TLH

The end result

Latest Entertainment News from TLH Leisure Resort, Torquay

Hi everyone, wow what a busy few months we have had here on the entertainment team, and the sun is shining and everyone is happy!

Christmas was awesome, and New Year is always my favourite night of the year and of course, this year like all the others went with a bang.

It is with some sadness that we say goodbye to some amazing team members. Tom & Paris have moved on and it’s been quite sad seeing them go. We had an amazing last night for them, and did our last show on the Wednesday – Big on Broadway – which turned out to be a very moving experience. We have sent them off to sunnier climates with a big bag of goodies & prezzies from the team and a lovely big cream cake that we all ate after the show.

Nick Baker at TLHHowever with every loss there is a gain and we welcome with open arms a new talent to the team … the all singing, all dancing Nicholas Baker ( aka Nicky Bizzle, Buttons and any other nickname we see fit to give him as there are far too many Nicks now). Nick has been a holiday maker here at TLH since the age of 8 and has now taken role of singer in our team shows. He is showing excellent star quality and is already in our Motown Show and currently rehearsing our new show “ Ready Steady Go” our new 60’s tribute team show production. Nick is also an accomplished dancer and you may see him tapping his feet along the dance floor in the future.

Stuff to look out for : new shows for 2011

Ready Steady Go –  work in progress
The Way We Were –  an old time style show, from wartime, Fred and Ginger, Monroe and Sinatra  to Pearly Kings and Queens,  a good old fashioned knees up and a trip down memory lane.
And new for the summer an up-to-date lively production show  “ Noughty Nineties – 90’s- 00’s”  – with classic songs from the 90’s super-groups and up to date music of now!!

And hopefully an 80’s tribute show. Everyone loves the 80’s, but we have got our work cut out so I had better go and crack the whip.

See you soon or in the Summer!!! 

PS  In case you would like to know, Tom is in Feurteventura and Paris is in Lanzarote, both working for a travel company. 

Cheers Zoe

Latest from Alberts Bar – Torquay’s friendly local pub.

Firstly, I would like to welcome you all into 2011 and say happy New Year to everyone (I know it’s now March but this leads onto my following statement)! It’s been a manic couple of months for us in Alberts bar and it’s all thanks to you keeping us on our toes and entertaining us with your stories, feedback, outstanding karaoke performances and magnificent company!

As per usual we would all like to welcome you to join us here at Alberts bar anytime you wish whether it’s for football, rugby, golf, cricket or other major sporting events throughout the year. Or perhaps it’s a special occasion for you and you wish to come to a warm, friendly venue hosted by our enthusiastic, talented, eye-friendly bar team!

For those of you who are yet to meet our team at Alberts, then here is an introduction to the weird, wacky and wonderful people of the bar:

First up is the Big Boss man himself, Roger Heale (bar manager). Roger is the most important person in our operation and is in control of the running of the bar! He is a very talkative, charismatic man who is full of interesting stories about previous experiences that never cease to crack me up!

Secondly, there is Kate Perkins (bar supervisor). Many will debate that Kate is more important to the bar than Roger the reason being is that she orders our range of liquors and our refreshments that you like to indulge in! She is a crazy person and seems to have a fascination with nibbling people!

Thirdly, there is Karla Mayne. If you thought you’ve seen it all you better think again! Karla is renowned for her outbursts of ‘casual’ dancing behind the bar – well that’s she calls it anyway!! She is very talkative, friendly and maybe a little insane. In the nicest possible way of course!! She has just returned from a holiday in Egypt and will be joining us again very shortly after her return.

Fourth up is Elizabeth Souster (Dizzy Lizzy as many call her)! Now Liz is just as sweet as the other girls but probably a natural blonde in disguise! Lizzy is extremely well known across the bar as she has (you guessed it) many dizzy moments that are usually accompanied by amazingly entertaining one-liners!

We are also joined by our very own Mikey Timlin, our upcoming mighty Muay Thai champion and Doug Bradley our genial door host on Friday and Saturday nights.

Finally, there is myself, Adam West (AKA Batman). As you can tell I’m obviously the brains of the operation after keeping you entertained with my 2011 welcome package! I’m responsible for cleaning the lines so that your liquor of choice is delivering the best quality taste direct to your senses!

So don’t leave it too long before you visit Alberts, you can be sure that a very warm welcome awaits you.

Thanks for reading and see you soon,

All the best,

Adam West and the Alberts Bar team.

South Devon Skills Awards Success for TLH Leisure Resort

TLH Leisure Resort had 4 reasons to celebrate at the South Devon Skills Awards held at the Riviera International Conference Centre last night.

Marcio Barbeitos, Restaurant Supervisor at the Derwent Hotel, had been nominated in the category ‘Achieving Skills  for Life’ and he received a Highly Commended award.

Jenny Shipton, our Training Officer, was announced as joint winner in the category ‘Tutor, trainer or mentor who most inspires others to learn’.

TLH Leisure Resort had  been shortlisted in the category ‘Skills in Large Businesses; Employer of the Year’ and we came away as winners of this category.

Then, finally, TLH Leisure Resort was also announced as the overall Winner of Winners on the evening.

We are absolutely delighted with this success. Training and skills are so important to us and this is an award for the whole company.

The awards were arranged by the Torbay Development Agency, in association with Productive Skills for Devon.

Aztec Spa – Helping You to Look Your Best

Spa Massage Beauty and massage treatments are a fantastic way of relaxing and recharging and as maintenance therapies go, Elemis facials, OPI manicures and regular waxing are an excellent way of keeping us feeling and looking tip top. However, there is increasing demand for that little bit more, and I’m not just talking about the inevitable wrinkles and skin sagging which come to us all, but younger girls (and boys) are asking for procedures such as brow shaping or teeth whitening. Procedures which are common place in the bigger cities, but which we seem to be slow to pick up on in the good old Westcountry!

So what can the Aztec Spa, Torquay offer you to add to your beauty armoury?

  • It has already ventured into the world of fish pedicures with The Fish Kiss Spa coming on board with us to offer our clients a new and exciting experience. Feet are also well catered for by Jacqui Bremner and her reflexology treatments.
  • NEW – James Willis Faces is also now working with the spa offering a variety of aesthetic procedures. James Willis has been providing aesthetic dentistry for many years and 15 years ago re-trained in the field of facial aesthetic treatments. He is one of only 3 members of the IHAS (Independent Healthcare Advisory Services Quality Assurance Mark) in the South West and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Any kind of cosmetic procedure is a huge step but James’ skill and caring attitude really means you are in safe hands. A full consultation and procedures are by appointment only.

So, not just a spa, the Aztec Spa offers a full range of options to help you turn back the hands of time!

Have you got the Zumba vibe?

Zumba at TLHWith Zumba classes and DVDs popping up here there and everywhere you’ll be silly not to have given this new fitness craze a go. If you have joined the Zumba train in your local town, this weekender will be right up your street for yourself and your friends!

We are holding our very own Zumba weekend this September. Complete with guest male and female qualified Zumba and fitness instructors in our very own Aztec Studio, with a variety of Zumba classes all included for you to attend as many, or as little as you can handle!

The weekend will kick off with a sparkling drinks reception on arrival, where you will be well looked after within the Carlton Hotel. This 3* hotel offers full access to the TLH leisure Resort complex which holds live daily and nightly entertainment, pool, spa, studio, gym, games room, bistro and so much more. The price  includes dinner, bed and breakfast, Zumba classes and your very own Zumba party on the Saturday evening.

The weekend is a two night stay for just £105 per person! Friday 2nd September 2011.

Spaces are limited so please book early.

Contact our Private Reservations team on 01803 400500.