Red Arrows and Fireworks in Torquay next week!!!

The Red Arrows

Yes, we’ll all be looking skywards next week for two real treats that have become an annual event and part of the annual Torbay week. This coincides with Torbay Royal Regatta, a fixture on the English Riviera social calendar for nearly two centuries

On Monday 23 August we have the spectacular firework display and on Wednesday 25 August at 6.00pm we have the awesome display by the RAF Red Arrows who never fail to impress, amaze, thrill and lots of other adjectives as well!! If you’ve seen them before I know you’ll agree and I’m sure, like me, you still want to see them again and again. You also get a second chance to see the Red Arrows on Friday 27 August as part of the Dartmouth Royal Regatta just along the coast. Seeing the Hawks flying in formation above the River Dart, you can be looking down on the planes as they pass up the valley – quite an incredible sight.

So, if you still have not decided where you are going to take the family for a Summer break, head west to Torquay in Devon to the Toorak Hotel part of TLH Leisure Resort as we have lots to offer. A range of family accommodation and an array of leisure facilities, children’s programmes for all ages, a choice of nightly entertainment and lots more besides have a look at our website at And we’ve got some great last minute special offers in August with Kids under 10 staying FREE from 30 August – 2 September. Put the kids out of their misery and take them away for a break, you’ll enjoy it too!!


TV Crew film Rainbow Wedding at the Carlton

Lights, camera, action – a recent wedding held at the Carlton Hotel and Spa in Torquaywas filmed by Channel 5 for a programme to be shown on TV this Autumn. The story behind this rainbow themed event can be found on This is South Devon website and we will have more pictures and details when the programme broadcasts later this year.

If you are interested in finding out more about weddings and events at The Carlton Hotel and Spa in Torquay, or any of the TLH Hotels, then visit our website, or for more details or call Lynda on 01803 400131.

PS – Congratulations to Jo and Ty on your marriage, best wishes from everyone at the Carlton!

Summer Bowls Tours at TLH Leisure Resort

Questions and Answers – some myths laid to rest…..

Bowling on the Englsih Riviera

Bowling in the grounds of Oldway Mansion

TLH Leisure Resort, situated in the heart of the English Riviera is a unique and ideal place for a bowls tour. With 18 greens within a 6 mile radius TLH welcomes groups of bowlers, no matter how many or how few in the group you are.

I am often asked by clubs enquiring about touring whether there are any clubs that have two greens, as tours can be up to 12 rinks daily. My answer is that there are so many clubs in the Torbay area it is easy to arrange games within close proximity to each other, even if only a couple have 2 greens on site.

I am also asked about accessibility of clubs, as we are a fairly rural area, and I am pleased to tell people that if they are travelling to a club that cannot accommodate a coach, the members of the host club will often bring their cars to meet the coach and

Bowling in South Devon

Teignmouth Bowling Green

ferry people and bags to the club. That’s good Devon hospitality for you.

Coach Parking

Another question asked is about coach parking. TLH has 7 car parks around the complex, most of which are able to accommodate a coach, but if at any time we don’t have enough space available, we will arrange a space at the local coach park and make sure that the driver has a taxi to and fro at his convenience. Because we have no space on site the expense of the coach park and taxi is ours alone. That’s just part of the unique service that TLH offers our tourists.

Do we arrange matches?

Of course we will. We work very closely with our local fixture secretaries and we arrange games in consultation with yourselves as to your requirements. We understand that each tour is unique and we work closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you require.

Rink fees

We can include rinks fees in your quoted price or you can pay your own rink fees, it’s up to you.

Can we recommend local coach companies?

Coach Travel in South Devon

Abbots Coaches

Yes, we work closely with Abbots Coach Travel, a local family owned business. Pictured below is an Abbots Travel Coach in action with some of our bowlers at the Toorak Hotel. Check out their website at

If you want to chat about touring or would like to ask me any questions then do get in touch with me. You can type your question in the box below and blog back to me – I’ll be happy to help.

TLH is simply – ‘Bowling Excellence in the heart of the English Riviera’


Back to School

 I don’t know why we’re so keen to make New Year’s Resolutions in January, to my mind September has always been about new starts and fresh beginnings.

Maybe it’s because I was a September baby, but the month always seems an exciting one to me. Birthday presents aside, it must be to do with nostalgic memories of going back to school armed with a brand new pencil case and shiny new shoes. Neatly writing all my teachers’ names on the front of fresh exercise books and the smell of crisp sheets of unused paper would always fill me with expectation.

As the years have passed I now get a similar feeling from starting an evening class, a new fitness regime or a project at home. The thrill of new possibilities; a better educated, fitter, more streamlined version of me is all within reach before Christmas – or so I like to tell myself!

This September I will be resuming German evening classes (clutching a new pencil case, pen and exercise book) and starting a proper exercise programme at the Aztec Studio – the new Power Tone classes sound just the thing. If I didn’t live in Torquay I’d also be tempted by the ‘Winning with Watercolours’ break at the Toorak Hotel. And I also fancy a new haircut, a revamped autumn wardrobe and an updated kitchen – that’s what September is all about – possibilities, no matter how unlikely!

You can find out more about other learn & improve breaks  at TLH Leisure Resort on 01803 400500 or

Radio 1 Roadshow Memories

Do you remember the summer Radio 1 Roadshows in Devon?!

Those of you of a certain age will surely remember the Roadshow as it made its way around the seaside resorts of Britain.  It ran through the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and really was a part of the summer.  The start of the Roadshow really meant summer had arrived and in it’s heyday attracted crowds of 250,00 to Torre Abbey Meadows in Torquay.  All the Radio One DJs of the time did a spot , remember Dave Lee Travis, Mike Reid and Smiley Miley?! Remember Bits and Pieces and Smiley Miley’s Mileage Game?!

Here in Torquay we have fond memories of the Roadshow hitting the Bay as there was a show at Torquay, Paignton, Exmouth and Plymouth before they moved on to Cornwall. There was always great excitement when the Roadshow hit town!

Tony Blackburn

The reason I am recalling these memories is because Tony Blackburn, the first DJ to appear on Radio 1, has just done a 2 week slot on BBC Radio Devon, covering for Judi Spiers’ and was recounting the happy days he spent on the Roadshow.  Tony particularly had fond memories of the Devon leg of the tour and said it really was the best bit for him.

Working at TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay, I remember well the excitement of when the Radio 1 Roadshow hit town. Many of our guests used to plan their summer holiday around the Roadshow, which was usually held on Torre Abbey Meadows, right opposite the Toorak Hotel.   

I know we have all got a lot older but…. well we can still enjoy all those places the Roadshow used to visit because Torquay is still a great place to spend a family holiday.  Here at the Toorak Hotel, part of TLH Leisure Resort, we have a range of family accommodation and loads of facilities to appeal to all ages. Great food, smiling staff and sunny Torquay (!) is still a memorable holiday for your children – come and find out!  And on a good day we can still boogey too!

Take a trip down memory lane with this clip of Philip Schofield at the Radio 1 Roadshow

YouTube Preview Image

Devon Sperm whale seen again …… discover the wildlife beauty of Devon

Sperm Whale seen off Torquay

Torquay isn’t the most likely place to go whale watching but just lately there have been several sightings of a magnificent sperm whale in Tor Bay, off the coast of Torquay, and it’s believed it may even have a calf with it. The whale was spotted from the cliff tops earlier this month and again in July.

The Sea Watch Foundation say that although occasional sightings are made in the western English Channel, it is very rare for a whale to find itself in the shallower waters further east. They have asked to be notified of any further sightings as there is a risk the whale may become stranded.

Although a rare sighting, whales aren’t the only wildlife you’ll spot along the South Devon Coast. Seals are commonly seen, as are bottle nosed dolphins. TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay makes a great base for discovering the natural beauty that Devon has to offer, from the wildness and rugged beauty of Dartmoor to the nature reserves of Dawlish Warren. Why not walk the South West Coastal Path or take the children to the Goodrington Seashore Centre? There are no end of wildlife ideas to entertain and inspire the whole family.

Summer is an especially good time to visit – call 01803 400500 to check out the availability for the rest of August – but every season brings it’s own interests in nature’s calendar. And you never know, you may even see a sperm whale.