TLH Leisure Hotels – Wins and Awards

This is getting a bit like buses isn’t it, nothing for a while and then several come along all at once!

Two weeks ago we found out that we had been shortlisted for the Springboard Awards for Excellence, last week we had our huge success at the National Training Awards, and now we have found out that we have also been shortlisted for a local award.

TLH Leisure Resort is one of three companies shortlisted in the category of ‘Best Customer Service’ in the South Devon Excellence Awards. These awards were open to businesses from any industry and of any size within Torbay and South Devon.

So, we’re off to another awards evening (I really must get my haircut). These awards will be held on Thursday 18th November at South Devon College.

Shortly after that, on 29th November we are going to London for the Springboard Awards for Excellence (might need a new suit for that one?), and then 2 days later in London (is it worth me coming back or do I stay up and do some Christmas shopping?), on 1st December , it’s the winners evening for the National Training Awards.

Well done all at TLH!

Zumbathon…Round 2. Come and join the Fun!

Back, by popular demand!
In the summer of this year I was asked to co-host a Zumbathon in Torbay with a few instructors including the legendary Paul Harrison! I was thrilled to be asked and for such a worthy charity ‘Families For Children’ – a local adoption agency. The event was 3 hours long in summer heat, but I cannot begin to describe just how much fun the day was. We raised well over £1500!!!

We are now holding our second event on Saturday 6th November (the end of National Adoption week) at the Victoria Hotel, Belgrave Road, Torquay. The event will run 2pm-5pm with three host instructors. There’ll be a prize draw and competition for ‘Best dressed Zumba-er’ and of course ‘Best Zumba-er’ of the day! All the money will be going to the same worthy cause.

Newspaper article on Zumbathon at TLH

We are also celebrating the one year birthday of the opening of our Aztec studio and Families For Children’s 500th child adoption.

If you would like to take part in the event its just £5 for the whole afternoon. Or if you would just like to make a donation,  please call myself Zoe: 01803 400112

I hope to see you there!


TLH Win National Training Award

What have the British Army, Bournemouth University, Gloucestershire County Council and TLH Leisure Resort all got in common?

Well, prior to attending the Regional Finals of the National Training Awards probably not a lot, but now they are the only four organizations in the entire South West region to collect both a Regional Training Award and a National Training Award at the prestigious event run by UK Skills.

Four colleagues and myself attended the event. We all squeezed into my fairly old Volvo and hoped it would make it up the M5 to Bristol, without sat nav it was left to one of my colleagues to direct me, the old fashioned way, with a map, a compass and a piece of string (to find our way home again!)

NTA Awards

My arty pic of us outside the museum

But, we were able to find our way and made it to the venue, @ Bristol, a science museum in the heart of the city. It was a very smart awards ceremony – music, lights, cameras – just like the awards do’s you see on the TV.

We went up not knowing whether we had won an award, we had been shortlisted as finalists, but that was no guarantee of winning.

Our entry was based on our new customer service training programme ‘STARs’ which we were all very proud of and it has shown some real benefits within the business.

Regional Training Awards were announced first, and when it came to our category we all got a little nervous. Nerves turned to joy as our name was called out and we went on stage to collect our South West Regional Training Award – a huge achievement in itself.

After all the Regional Awards were given out it was time to announce the UK National Training Award winners. A maximum of one per category, but not every category would have one, they were only awarded to entries that were ‘truly exceptional’.

NTA awards

Us with our trophies!

Even more nerves at this point, but then grins all round as TLH Leisure Resort was announced as a UK National Training Award winner. This is a huge accolade and is recognition for everyone at TLH Leisure Resort.

After a couple of celebratory drinks (lemonade for the driver!) we headed back down the M5 feeling rather chuffed with ourselves.

We now go on to attend a winners evening in London on 1st December

Training Awards

Looking round the museum - which one's Mikey?

What is TLH Leisure Resort putting back into Bowls?

Bowling at TLHTLH Leisure Resort sports its own 4 rink championship standard indoor bowling arena, and we host many tours and tournaments but some people may ask the question, “What does TLH put back into bowls?” Well the simple answer to that one is “Alot.” 

I am a County Bowler outdoors and indoors with an England Association badge for indoor bowling, so I have a pretty good idea about what is happening on the bowls scene and how TLH impacts in the bowls world. 

Women’s Top Club

Winners of the TLH Top Club

The winning team

I was pleased to be able to encourage our sponsorship of the Women’s National Top Club, which was, as you may all remember formally sponsored by Travelsphere. TLH’s support in the running and financing of this event makes it a viable competition, which would otherwise have failed to run. The prize money and the trophies make the finals of this competition very worthwhile to the finalist teams.

Men’s Top Club

Following the Women’s Top Club we arranged with Bowls England to sponsor the Men’s Top Club which is held at Worthing in August. This again has very good prize money and the most modern of trophies for the winning teams. 

EIBA Top Club

As sponsors of the two outdoor top club competitions I designed an indoor Top Club which, as a mixed event, complimented the unification of the two indoor associations. The EIBA were delighted with the competition and its design and immediately adopted the format. It helped them to raise funds and gives clubs another chance to compete on a National arena. Our sponsorship for this ensures that the winning teams take home large amounts of money for their clubs. 

Unbadged Top Club

Since securing the above sponsorship I have designed another outdoor competition which is for ‘unbadged” players. The reason for this is that most County players get to represent their clubs on a National arena and in order to encourage other players to compete and perhaps generate some new interest in bowls whatever your age group, it seemed like a good idea at the time. However, Bowls England is still deliberating about this one. Let’s hope that they adopt it as I feel it will improve membership to clubs knowing that there is a game for every class of bowler in the Bowls England array. 

Other Sponsorship

Not only do we sponsor the above but also some of the tournaments at TLH offer prize money to your Club. This can be used for much needed maintenance, new equipment, or whatever your club feels it needs to progress. 

Rob Paxton with Terri Kennard at TLH

TLH also invests in local talent when it is appropriate. This season we are pleased to sponsor Rob Paxton, a local player from Exonia IBC in Exeter who is making a bid to play on the World Bowls stage again in February. Rob has to win the Scottish Open to be guaranteed a place on the World Bowls Tour, which takes place every year at Potters. The biggest and the best of the names, the top 8, do not have to qualify – their places are already set (and I query that decision – why do they not have to prove themselves again, like the rest of us mere mortals) TLH wishes Rob a successful tournament. 

Other Sponsorship and Gifts

Sometimes we are asked if we will help with Presidential Charities. When approached, we will endeavour to assist with fund raising by offering a gift or raffle prize. Some of these gifts are auctioned and others are used as special raffle prizes. Every little bit helps and we are proud to be able to assist these organisations. 

We have recently donated a holiday voucher to the English Short Mat Bowling Association as a raffle sprize and another has  to Portsdown SMBC in order to assist them to raise money for PBC (Primary biliary cirrhosis) victims. This is a very serious liver disorder and can, in some circumstances, be fatal. 

So, I hope that you agree with me, TLH does it’s very best to assist the bowling community. 

If you think there is anything else we could do, blog back to me. I would love to hear from you. 

Signing off now
My halo has slipped a bit


Wedding Fairs Galore!

Where can you pick up ideas for wedding invitations, wedding cakes and wedding dresses, as well as sort out your hen party? A wedding fair of course, and that is just where we have been lately. First off it was the Toorak Hotel displaying its wares at the Real Brides Show at Newton Abbot Racecourse. Next the Aztec Spa went along to the Autumn Wedding Show at Westpoint in Exeter.

The country may be in grip of a recession but it seems nobody told these brides and grooms to be! There was no shortage of visitors at either events and with dresses in their hundreds, if not thousands of pounds for sale, couples are still looking for the traditional ‘full on’ wedding.

That said, there is a move towards something a bit different with hog roasts, unusual venues and karaoke being asked for. The Toorak can now offer a twist on the usual celebrations with its contacts with Torre Abbey. You can have your ceremony in the atmospheric, historic Abbey and then stroll through the gardens and across the road to the Toorak for the wedding reception, for example. This idea certainly had several couples interested.

When it was the Aztec Spa’s turn to be in the limelight, at the Autumn Wedding Show, we noticed a definite shift in the hen party trend. No longer are girls looking for a cheap boozy weekend in Marbella, these days spas are the way to go! Who doesn’t love a spot of pampering? There may still be alcohol involved, but it will be the chilled and sparkling kind, served in a relaxed and sophisticated setting. The Autumn Wedding Show exhibitors couldn’t get enough of our All About You spa packages, perfect for a girly get together of all ages.

So, an interesting and informative few days out of the office, which gave us an insight into what our customers are really looking for.

At the end of this month, Affordable Dreams will be holding their wedding fair at the Victoria Hotel and next June, the Toorak will once again be holding their very own wedding fair. It seems romance will out and despite the doom and gloom, couples will always be ready to tie the knot!

Learn to dance Strictly in Devon, like Ann Widdecombe who is watching the new series of Strictly Come Dancing cannot fail to have noticed Ann Widdecombe who for this series has taken over from John Sergeant – last year’s ‘one that has limited dance talent’ – and relies on the viewer’s votes to be kept in the programme each week, aahhh!!!

She may not be the judges favourite to win but her popularity with hundreds of fans has lead bookmakers to lower their odds on Ann winning this series of Strictly from 66-1 to 40-1. Ann and Anton’s unique version of the Salsa attraced more that 8000 views on YouTube within 24 hours of its showing!

Ann has been taking dance lessons with her professional partner Anton du Beke down in the South West of England at a dance studio in Newton Abbot, Devon. Newton Abbot and the surrounding area is a part of Devon offering a host of dance opportunities. In fact just a short drive from this Newton Abbot dance studio is TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay, one of the UK’s leading dance holiday destinations.

TLH Leisure Resort run a programme of dance holidays throughout the year and offer dance genres to suit all tastes. Holidays cater for all abilities from ‘learn to’ as a beginner through to improvers and advanced. Check out our website to see what we have to offer – Ballroom, Latin, Sequence, Jive, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Salsa, and Northen soul to name but a few – a feast for all dancers! There are 4 hotels to choose from on the complex, and 7 ballrooms!

So if you aspire to being able to dance (like Ann Widdecombe – or perhaps you fancy yourself as another Strictly star) then take a look at TLH’s dance holiday programme as Devon seems to be the place to learn how to dance right now… according to Anne anyway, you would be in good company!!!

Have a look, and remember… keep dancing!!!!!