A Brief Guide To Sequence Dancing

Sequence dancing at TLH Leisure Resort
Sequence dancing breaks at TLH

With dance numbers apparently in decline you may be surprised to learn that Sequence Dancing is probably the most popular form of traditional ballroom dancing in the UK with good regular attendances at local clubs and classes. So, what exactly is sequence dancing and what makes it different?

The Origins of Sequence Dancing

Initially it began with the old formal court dances of France and England around 1600. This eventually progressed when Old Time Dancing evolved early in the 1900s with gavottes, two steps, mazurkas and quick waltz.

After the 2nd World War came the heyday of ballroom dancing. Its popularity increased as people wanted more freedom of movement on the dance floor, and slowly the very formal Old Time Dances virtually disappeared. Today modern sequence dancing has developed to be almost entirely based on ballroom dancing and Latin styles. The difference, however, is that everyone still dances the same standardised 16 bar sequences at the same time.

sequence dancing torquay
Everyone dances the same 16 bar sequence

There are thousands of sequence dances all of which have their own individual name, for example the Mayfair Quickstep, Sindy Swing or October Waltz. Dancers know their own fixed sequence of steps for each dance and they follow each other in sequence around the floor, hopefully without mayhem or mishaps. I must confess that when I watch sequence dancing I am struck by how serious the dancers can seem as they concentrate hard on keeping in step.

Where Can You Find Sequence Dancing?

Dances take place in clubs, community centres and dance schools around the country, often with professional leaders. Undoubtedly many find this is an interesting and pleasurable activity, and it’s a great way to make new friends and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Dancing holidays are also organised through many hotels both in the UK and abroad.

In Torquay you can find a wide selection of dancing holidays, including sequence dancing, at TLH Leisure Resort. Take a look at the TLH Leisure Resort specialist dance website to find out more.

David & Rita Harrod

Professional hosts David and Rita Harrod are wonderful ambassadors for sequence dancing. Qualified in 1998 as professional teachers, they have a wealth of experience from running a very successful dance school in Blackpool and acting as MC for dance holidays. They also dance competitively and are Inventive Dance winners – the October Waltz and Tango Mosaic are just two of the many dances they have written.

sequence dance hosts david & rita harrod
Hosts David & Rita Harrod

Their next holiday at the TLH Victoria Hotel is at the end of November 2016. Aimed at Intermediate and advanced levels of dancers, their programme includes:

  • A welcome drinks reception
  • 3 morning dances with tuition in new dances
  • 4 evenings of dancing in the Warwick Ballroom
  • Festive themed menus
  • Black and White themed evening on the last night with a bubbly reception.

Eric & Linda Dodd and Chris Booth

Dance leaders Eric & Lynda are former classical (Old Time) & modern sequence competitors and are both professionally qualified teachers.  They hold weekly Sequence Dances and Private Lessons in Lincoln and they have been running sequence Holidays for over 12 years since becoming qualified with the U.K.A.

sequence dancing holidays
Eric & Lynda Dodd

For their hosted holidays at TLH Leisure Resort they are usually accompanied by keyboard player, Chris Booth. Chris is a top broadcasting and recording artists and plays professionally all around the country.

keyboard player chris booth
Live music with Chris Booth

Their next holiday in Torquay is in September at the TLH Victoria Hotel and the programme will include a mix of established favourites, “up-to-date” and social sequence. You can find out more on the TLH Dance website.

There’s no excuse to be a wallflower. To find out if these holidays might be for you, call the TLH dance expert, Linda, on 01803 400147. She’s full of excellent advice and will help you to find your perfect dancing holiday.


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