September’s Recipe of the Month – Pre-Workout Snacks

It is important to eat something before your workout. You will have a better training session and will avoid any dizziness or nausea from training on an empty stomach. Your body needs fuel, so try eating a healthy pre-workout snack and you will notice the difference.

You want to get a good mix of carbs, protein and fats before your workout, as they all play an important part in your training.

The glucose from carbs are used by your muscles during the workout, so will keep them strong and allow you to do all the exercises to your highest ability.

Protein allows your muscles to recover quicker and helps them perform while training.

Finally, the fat works as energy for long sustained workouts, so it is important to have a good source of fat if your training session is going to be longer than 45 minutes.

Ideally you want to eat about 1-2 hours prior to your session to allow your food some time to go down and so you don’t feel ‘stodgy’ whilst training.

Here are 3 of my favourite quick and easy pre-workout snacks – no cooking required!

Quick and Easy Pre-workout Snacks

  • 1 cup of porridge oats, ½ sliced banana, handful of almonds and a squirt of honey for sweetnessRe-workout snack of porridge oats and banana
  • 1 cup of Greek Yogurt, ½ cup porridge oats, handful of fruitPre-workout snack of yogurt and fruit
  • 2 slices of wholemeal toast, 2 scrambled eggs and ½ smashed avocadoPre-workout snack of scrambled eggs ad avocado on toast

Let me  know if you have any good pre-workout snacks.

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