5 Tips to make your Spray Tan last longer with Aztec Spa in Torquay

Spray tanning is one of the most efficient way to get the bronzed glow you want, without the harmful effects of UV sun exposure. A spray tan can make your complexion look better and even make you look more toned.

Here at the Aztec Spa in Torquay we want your spray tans to look amazing and last as long as possible so you can keep feeling that golden glow. Here are some of our best tips to make the most of your tan.

Aztec Spa spray tans
Spray tans at Aztec Spa

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Letter to Santa

dear santa

Dear Santa (or ‘Other Half’)

I’ve been very good this year, so I thought I would write you a letter to remind you of some of my best moments. I’ve found your glasses, keys and wallet every time you’ve lost them. I’ve let go the men’s only cycling holiday and the rugby matches; I’ve even taken your mother shopping. As you know, I’m a practical soul, and I really don’t want to sound ungrateful, but the supermarket bubble baths,  just aren’t going to cut it this year.

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What is an ELEMIS BIOTEC Facial?

Biotec modelThe last few years has seen a huge increase in aesthetic, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, from Botox to fillers and everything in between, but the tide is turning. Many women of a certain age are now asking for more natural treatments, with fewer risks. Looking ‘good for your age’ is more important than trying to look 10 years younger, but unable to frown. Skincare specialists ELEMIS have responded to the trend and have created a revolutionary new skincare system with their BIOTEC facials, now available at the Aztec Spa in Torquay. Continue reading “What is an ELEMIS BIOTEC Facial?”

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Massage?

Female runner on beach

I found out about the benefits of sports massage a while ago, after I had started running. So keen was I to run longer and faster, that I predictably overdid things and ended up with nasty persistent hip pain. This soon progressed to sciatica down the side of my leg. Not fun – not only was I miserable with the pain but I was even more miserable at not being able to do an activity I had grown to love. Continue reading “What Are The Benefits Of Sports Massage?”