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Our Bowling Greens in Torquay are ideal for your next outdoor tour.

torquay bowling greens

With an outstanding choice of bowling greens to play, outdoor bowling in Torquay is a real pleasure. If you are planning a bowling tour for 2017 or 2018, then take a look at some of the wonderful bowling greens on offer in and around Torbay. And if you stay at TLH Leisure Resort, you can rely on our resident bowling experts to make all the arrangements for your fixtures. Continue reading

Bowling Green Closures Threaten Clubs

Bowling on the Englsih Riviera

Recently I looked at the British Crown Green Bowling Association Handbook and I was concerned to read that there is a whole page set aside called:

 ‘Guidelines for Clubs Whose Greens Face Closure’

Reading the notes and the plans that have been laid down by the BCGBA, although I am impressed with the plans to try to reverse the decisions being made to close their greens, I wonder how much more the bowling fraternity in England can take.

And, if this is happening in England then it is happening in Wales, Ireland and Scotland as well. 

WHY is this happening?   Well to start with it’s all about finance: In this economic climate, Local Authorities are relinquishing the costly running of their bowls greens back to the clubs. It probably costs about £8000 per year to keep a green in good condition.  Clubs cannot afford to keep their greens going as the cost of treating and dressing them is a costly business. Then there is the watering of the green. No one needs to be told about the rising water rates throughout the country.

Looking after the greens

Hard at work!

But mainly, any authority given the opportunity to make millions on housing, a bowls green offers a prime site. Its as simple as that.

John Woodcock Labour and Cooperative MP for Barrow recently proposed a bill before Parliament, that the Government make it quite clear to Local Councils that certain criteria need be met when seeking planning permission to build on bowling greens.

 How will this proposed bill be met? Your guess is a good as mine.

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