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Bowling in Torquay – Meet the Holiday Experts

Sarah Vinnicombe

Sarah Vinnicombe

If you’re looking to take a holiday bowling in Torquay with friends or your club you’ll be in good hands. Sarah Vinnicombe has been resident Bowls Co-ordinator at TLH Leisure Resort since 2007. Her role involves organising the smooth running of the Bowling tournaments and breaks that take place throughout the year at the Torquay Hotel group. She also takes care of organising fixtures for visiting touring sides.  Continue reading

Why Bowling Holidays are Heaven in Devon.

bowling holidays in devonAre you like the rest of us and just love to take a short break away from your day-to-day routine? Do you dream of sunny days and palm trees maybe? Or playing your favourite sport on an immaculate green with stunning sea views? Well your dreams can become reality with bowling holidays on the English Riviera. Continue reading

Ode to Bowls

I had only been bowling for a couple of weeks when some bright spark suggested that I take part in a friendly game at the club one day. So onto the green I trooped with my new bowls and new white bowling skirt and top. I was quite proud to have been asked to play and very much in awe of the etiquette and other players. It was 1982.

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TLH and the BDA

The Problem

Outdoor Bowling in TorquayMany bowlers are now realising that, with dwindling membership, clubs will close. It’s a sad fact of life that, as nothing is being done, bowls is becoming an endangered pastime.

With a view to promote this pastime, which to me should be called a SPORT, a phoenix is arising from the ashes of complacency and the phoenix’s name is the Bowls Development Alliance.

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Whatever the Weather!

Every morning when I wake up, after I have traipsed downstairs to grab my morning coffee, I crawl back into bed and slowly come back to life whilst watching the morning weather forecast, avidly waiting for news to break of that tropic heat wave we are all wishing for. I quash claims instantly that our Summer has prematurely been and gone; after all, the school holidays aren’t even officially underway yet! I would like to think that I am a relatively positive person and that my mood is not a by product of the weather (I am definitely not a sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder, let’s put it that way!) but let’s be honest; a little bit of sunshine always helps doesn’t it? Continue reading