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Our Bowling Greens in Torquay are ideal for your next outdoor tour.

torquay bowling greens

With an outstanding choice of bowling greens to play, outdoor bowling in Torquay is a real pleasure. If you are planning a bowling tour for 2017 or 2018, then take a look at some of the wonderful bowling greens on offer in and around Torbay. And if you stay at TLH Leisure Resort, you can rely on our resident bowling experts to make all the arrangements for your fixtures. Continue reading

Torquay Welcomes Young Bowlers

young bowlers in torquay

Trudie watches Ella in action

There may be a school of thought that considers lawn bowls is just for seniors, but this is definitely not the case in Torquay. Although the sport may not appeal to adrenalin junkies, don’t underestimate the fact that it is highly competitive requiring a great deal of skill at the top level, whilst at lower levels it is social and all inclusive with anyone from the age of 9 to 90 being able to take part and have a go. Continue reading

Bowling on the English Riviera – you’re never too old!

HARA - Norman Morris for blogPart of the wonder in working at a hotel is the lives that surround you. Most of the time we’re unaware of the unique lives behind each guest, of the sights they’ve seen and things they’ve experienced.  Occasionally we get the pleasure of being host to a person whose experiences are so singular that we can’t help but celebrate them. One such person is Mr Norman Morris.

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Bowlers – Be Brave and Enter Competitions

Calling all new bowlers – the only way that you will improve is to play against, and with, better bowlers so with this in mind you need to pit your wits and newly learned skills against them.

Don’t be afraid, though some nervousness is a good thing, just enter those club comps, get in and have a go. Remember: You are learning, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your opponent will be more wary of you, as you are the unknown quantity.

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The Kids Got Bowls!!

Bowling at TLHOne rainy evening in October, just as we had started our indoor season and were re-acquainting ourselves with long lost teammates and fast carpets, three likely lads strayed in from the rain. They were all teenagers and they stood and watched us for a few minutes before one youngster asked if anyone could have a go. So, I told them to kick off their shoes, I grabbed some spare bowls and one of our under 25’s who was lounging at the bar, and got them all started on a spare rink.

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