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Mother’s Day Family Fun at TLH Leisure Resort

Mother's day treats

Mothers day

When you have a young family, Mother’s Day is rarely ‘all about you’. It would be lovely to think Dad will take care of everything from breakfast in bed to cards and flowers, but the reality is often different. If your childrenĀ  are quite small, chances are you’ll all be up and about an an unearthly hour – babies and toddlers are no respecters of Sunday morning lie-ins after all. No matter what age your children are though, you will probably want to spend the day with them doing something out of the ordinary as a sort of unified ‘thank you’ for all the amazing things you do. This is where the concept of ‘family fun’ comes in – you want to do something which involves everyone, won’t require too much effort on your part and doesn’t cost the earth. Fortunately TLH Leisure Resort, Torquay has several ideas to guarantee you a special Mother’s Day this year.

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