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It’s Wedding Show Time in Torquay

Black and white image of wedding day

Wedding couple

Wedding shows were few and far between when I tied the knot. There was a choice or 2 or 3 affordable venues, usually hotels, and your colour theme would generally be pink or peach. Most people got married in a church or registry office because there was no where else you could legally do it and wedding favours were an unheard of frippery. We didn’t need bridal fairs because there was so little choice. Leaf through a few wedding magazines, listen to your Mum/future Mum-in-law and you had all the inspiration you needed. Continue reading

TLH’s Favourite Recipes for Christmas Leftovers – part 2

Nick Coombes

TLH Toorak Head Chef – Nick Coombes

Next in the spot-light for our December “foodie” line-up is Nick Coombes, head chef at the TLH Toorak Hotel. When I asked Nick to come up with some ideas for using up Christmas leftovers, I wasn’t expecting him to top the list with a recipe using the controversial Brussels sprout. However, now the BBC have adopted “Sprout Boy” as part of their promotional campaign for this year’s Christmas viewing, Nick is completely on trend with his Creamy Green Sprout and Horseradish Soup, which is absolutely delicious. Continue reading

Westcountry Produce – try Chef’s recipe

onion marmalade

Onion marmalade

From perfect pork to beautiful beef, fabulous fish to superb seafood, the Westcountry is renowned for being a top producer of some of the country’s best seasonal produce. If you’re visiting this part of the country, you should make sure you sample as many luscious local dishes as you can. Continue reading

Tips on Planning Your Wedding Day




So he (or she) has popped the question! Now what? Hopefully you’ve said yes and can’t wait to start planning the big day, once you’ve told everyone the good news!  It’s one of the most magical times of your life and you want to get it just right. There’s a lot to consider such as the budget, the dress, colour scheme and most importantly planning who’s doing what! Where do you start and how do you pin down those fabulous ideas for the day? Here are a few tips from us on planning your wedding day. Continue reading