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Things to do in Torquay – Kents Cavern

1 January 2020

If you’re going to make a list of things to do in Torquay while you stay at the TLH Leisure Resort, be sure to have a few pages handy as there’s lots to do, come rain or shine. Kent’s Cavern should certainly be one of the attractions you should visit but let’s take a look at why.

As you enjoy your holiday by the seaside, it’s amazing to think that Torquay was once a hot bed of activity with daily life and death battles for survival. Wolly Mammoths, Hyenas, Sabre Tooth Tigers and prehistoric man would have been some of the inhabitants of the Torbay area. It’s a far cry from today’s hotels and sunny days on the beach and Kent’s Cavern in Torbay gives you a glimpse of what life was like thousands of years ago.

Why is Kent’s Cavern in Torquay?

Kent’s Cavern is a prehistoric gold mine, situated at the heart of Torquay, just a five minute drive from the TLH hotels. You can find the caves at 91 Ilsham Road in Torquay, but take a look at the directions page on the Kents Cavern website.

Kent’s Cavern – ancient shelter and grave for many!

Records show the mysteries of the caves have been enticing explorers to venture into their depths since 1571. Long before that the Romans found their way into the caves and wondered at its marvel, leaving behind Roman coins as offerings.

However, archaeological evidence and research reveals that people and animals have been visiting the caves for hundreds of thousands of years. They left behind many amazing clues to their existence and daily lives. Some venturing into the caves never saw the light of day again, leaving us some truly stunning artefacts.

Things to do in Torquay
things to do in Torquay

Great artefacts on display at Kent’s Cavern

Kents Cavern artefacts

Kent’s cavern has given up many artefacts and some are on display at the cave entrance. Teeth, bones, skulls and flint tools are all on show and all have been found within the caves over the years. More and more artefacts are still being recovered and I think the caves have one of two more secrets hidden away.

Wonderful cave walks – walk in the footsteps of ancient man

The cave walks see you twist and turn through chambers that were once inhabited by prehistoric animals, some of which would have seen you as lunch in days gone by. The strange rock formations, built up over many hundreds of thousands of years, make for some breathtaking sights.  As you walk through the caves, you can’t help but wonder as to what used to lurk in the dark and what’s still left in the rock layers waiting to be found.

Beware on your cave walk as there is a section where they turn off all the lights. This is to illustrate just how dark it would have been if your ventured in and lost your way thousands of years ago.

Kids activity area and woodland walk

The caves themselves and the stunning artefacts are not the only attraction. The children can search for lost gems in the activity area and take mum and dad on the woodland walk. You can also relax in the cafe, with its great views, and wonder at what used to walk along the valley to the caves thousands of years ago.

A great place to visit in Torquay

The caves are a fascinating place to visit and you will marvel as to what life used to be like in Torbay long before the hotels arrived. For more information on Kent’s Cavern take a look at the Kents Cavern website and book an afternoon for a visit.

Other great things to do in Torquay

There’s loads to do in and around Torquay and take a look at our other blogs on great things to do in and around Torbay. The English Riviera Wheel will be back in town for the summer and take a look at our ride on the wheel and some of the great views over on our ‘Torquay Big Wheel‘ post.

Torquay offers plenty to do and and look out for our ‘out & about’ blog posts. If you have a favourite place in Devon that you like to visit, let us know about it and tell us why!

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