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Rainy Day Activities in Torquay

2 January 2021

Struggling with what to do in Torquay? There are some great indoor attractions that really are worth a visit, come rain or shine. . .

Like many places in Devon, Torquay can be at the mercy of the elements. If you’re staying in Torquay what do you do on those rainy days? You could start by heading to Aztec Leisure as it’s packed with fun for all the family. Look out for our blog post coming soon. If you want to stretch your legs and the weather does close in, don’t be disheartened. There’s lots to do in Torquay and the surrounding area, come rain or shine.

Kents Cavern

Kents Cavern is one of Europe’s top and most exciting Stone Age caves. The prehistoric caves are only a few minutes drive from the TLH Hotels. Where modern buildings and woodlands now stand is the site of prehistoric caves that where once inhabited by wolf, deer, cave bear and woolly rhinoceros. There’s also evidence of ancient man using the caves with the discovery of a human jawbone, unearthed in Kents Cavern. This bone is believed to be between 44,200 and 41,500 years old. Making it the oldest modern human fossil in north western Europe and certainly in Britain.

Torquay Museum a fascinating experience for all the family

Torquay museum is easy to find along Babbacombe road, just up from the clock tower by Torquay harbour. Something for everyone, young and old alike, with exhibits that are always changing.

It’s certainly a great attraction to head for if the rain sets in and you will find yourself fixed for hours on some of the amazing displays. These include ‘Explorers & Ancient Egypt, The Time Ark, Ancestors Gallery, The Old Devon Farmhouse and the Agatha Christie Gallery, to name but a few.

Torquay museum exhibition

Torre Abbey, Museum

Founded in 1196 and built using stone from the very headland it overlooks, the Abbey’s story began when the sheltered apex, rich fertile land and proximity to the sea provided the founding medieval Premonstratensian monks with everything they needed to establish their monastery.

Today, as a museum and Ancient Scheduled Monument, you will discover beautifully presented heritage rooms, galleries, art exhibitions, interactive displays, talking portraits and videos which bring our colourful history and art to life. You will also learn more about the rise and the fall of the Georgian Cary Family, who resided there for hundreds of years.

Torre Abbey Torquay


Bygones is an independent attraction, created and run by three generations of the Cuming family. Wander back in time, starting towards the end of Queen Victoria’s reign. Visit our authentic life-size Victorian Street filled with all original items. See the Blacksmith hard at work making horseshoes. He is a valuable master of his trade, the equivalent of a highly skilled mechanic today. Smell the treats of the Sweetshop that would have been made fresh every morning on site. Listen to the hustle and bustle of everyday living, immerse yourself in Victorian life.

The Gin Nest, Torquay

Based in Torquay, The Gin Nest provides you the chance to design and create your own one-off bottle of gin to take home with you.  You will choose your own botanicals, use a traditional copper still to distill your own Gin then create your own bottle label and take it home to share and enjoy with your family and friends. More information can be found at their website.

If the weather turns bad there are many great things to do in Torquay. If it’s raining, the attractions really cater for young and old alike. Not taking the time to visit them is really an opportunity missed.

If it’s more fun and games you like then Aztec Games is also a great place to check out.

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