Rainy day things to do in Torquay

Struggling with what to do in Torquay? Two top Torquay attractions that really are worth a visit, come rain or shine. . .

Kents Cavern - What to do in Torquay

Kents Cavern – What to do in Torquay

Like many places in Devon, Torquay can be at the mercy of the elements. If you’re staying in Torquay what do you do on those rainy days? You could start by heading to Aztec Leisure as it’s packed with fun for all the family. Look out for our blog post coming soon. If you want to stretch your legs and the weather does close in, don’t be disheartened. There’s lots to do in Torquay and the surrounding area, come rain or shine.

We have another couple of great suggestions below. To go along side our recent posts on attractions and what to do in Torquay. These include ‘4 things to do in Torquay, 7 secret places to visit and The English Riviera Wheel. Get a bird’s eye view of Torquay and keep checking back for more suggestions coming soon.

What to do in Torquay

Torquay is a lovely place and when the sun is shining. The days are long it’s second to none in heavenly Devon. Days on the beach, numerous attractions, local summer events, lazy days in the sun and exploring the coastline are just a few of the endless possibilities in and around Torquay. For me, I don’t mind the weather and if it closes in I like to get out no matter what. If you like to stay undercover and have the children in tow, there’s still lots of things to do in Torquay when it’s raining and see a couple of suggestions below.

Torquay Museum a fascinating experience for all the family

What to do in Torquay - Torquay Museum Exhibition

What to do in Torquay – Torquay Museum Exhibition

Torquay museum is easy to find along Babbacombe road, just up from the clock tower by Torquay harbour. Something for everyone, young and old alike, with exhibits that are always changing.

It’s certainly a great attraction to head for if the rain sets in and you will find yourself fixed for hours on some of the amazing displays. These include ‘Explorers & Ancient Egypt, The Time Ark, Ancestors Gallery, The Old Devon Farmhouse and the Agatha Christie Gallery, to name but a few.

There’s something for everyone but Torquay Museum also has additional exhibitions which bring more fascinating items in reach of the general public. At the time of writing this the ‘Adventures in the Geopark’ exhibition is on along with the ‘Torbay at War’ exhibition and both are worth a visit. Adventures in the Geopark, is one of the museums newest exhibitions and enables children and families to explore the stunning geology and prehistoric history of the English Riviera. The exhibition is interactive and has been designed by Forkbeard Fantasy multi media arts company. It introduce you to Torbay’s wonderful and unique geology, the science behind the dating of the prehistoric jaw bone found at Kents Cavern and other amazing prehistoric finds from the area.

Torbay at War

What to do in Torquay - Museum

What to do in Torquay – Museum

The ‘Torbay at War’ exhibition has strong ties with the local area. Due to the slipways in the harbour being a jumping off point for soldiers heading to France during WW2. The exhibition highlights the dramatic events leading up to D-Day and the impact the events had on Torbay, with the exhibition and slipways in the harbour being a reminder of those days. You will be able to see a wealth of artefacts from World War 2 and many of them with direct connections to Torbay, even the secret German map of Torbay, YES, the Germans had a secret map of Torquay.

Torbay Museum is an all round attraction that will keep the young and old fascinated for hours. Check out the Torquay Museum website for the latest information on their exhibits and some of the impressive material on display.

Kents Cavern, where prehistoric animals and ancient man roamed

What to do in Torquay - Kents Cavern

What to do in Torquay – Kents Cavern

The prehistoric caves at Kents Cavern are only a few minutes drive from the TLH Hotels. Where modern buildings and woodlands now stand is the site of prehistoric caves that where once inhabited by wolf, deer, cave bear and woolly rhinoceros. There’s also evidence of ancient man using the caves with the discovery of a human jawbone, unearthed in Kents Cavern. This bone is believed to be between 44,200 and 41,500 years old. Making it the oldest modern human fossil in north western Europe and certainly in Britain.

Great attraction for all the family

It’s a great attraction for young and old alike and with it being open all year round makes it a great attraction in Torquay if the weather closes in. The kids and adults will love the ancient caves but if you think a walk around the caves is all that’s on offer for the little ones then you would be mistaken. There’s a kids area at Kents Cavern and you can expect a fun dig, cave painting, the wall of hands, brass rubbing and tribal face marking. Along the woodland trail there are also two themed quests, stone age shopping and the fossil hunt. So, lots to occupy the children besides the caves themselves but best check with Kents Cavern during the winter.

For the adults, the caves themselves make for some amazing viewing. At the time of writing this the ‘Ancestors Exhibition’ is also available. The exhibition is about the 41,000 year old jawbone, the oldest human fossil found in Britain. If you’re a fossil nut like me then you will love it. The exhibition tells the story of cavern researches and the pioneering work of the early scientists at Kents Cavern.

Kents Cavern – A step back in time…

As you get into your car, catch the bus or walk to Kents Cavern, cast a thought to what once roamed the woodlands in those ancient times. All of which is now being kept alive for us to wonder at.

I have visited the caves on numerous occasions and will soon be going back with my son. If you fancy a visit, take a look at Kents Caverns website, packed with all you need to know.

Things to do in Torquay

Plenty to do for all the family in Torquay

If the weather turns bad there are many great things to do in Torquay. If it’s raining, the attractions really cater for young and old alike. Torbay Museum and Kents Cavern are just two must visit attractions in Torquay. Not taking the time to visit them is really an opportunity missed.

If it’s more fun and games you like then Aztec Games is also a great place to check out. Packed with family fun and look out for our blog post coming soon…

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