#ThrowBackThursday We Need YOU

Aztec Falls Opening Throwback Thursday

Throw back Thursday

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT is simply a throw back to the past. It’s no new internet craze but until recent months, you wouldn’t have seen any posts on our social media channels. Judging from the reaction of our followers, we should have been sharing our #ThrowbackThursday moments with you a long time a go! Read on to see some of our favourite #TBT images and how you can help with our future posts!

We Need You

Our photo library is full of old photos of the resort but we will eventually run out ,which is where you come in! If you have any photos of your holidays here that would be suitable for #TBT we would love to see them and share them online. To get involved, please email your photos to marketing@tlh.co.uk and we’ll post them every Thursday. Alternatively you can post them to Marketing Department, TLH Leisure Resort, Belgrave Road, Torquay, TQ2 5HS. We will copy and return your photos, so don’t worry about losing them.

Keep the past in the Past?

Here we have a promotional video that we used to send on VHS (I just about remember those myself) and subsequently on DVD to people who enquired about booking a holiday at TLH Leisure Resort. As you can see, the video shows some scenes from the 90’s and early 00’s and made great viewing for staff and our followers alike! Looking at some of the interesting hair styles and clothing choices I think that it’s quite good to keep the past well and truly behind us!

Our next image shows the starting point of the excavation work to create the Aztec Spa and new and improved Bistro Terrace and play parks. To some of our newer guests, seeing photos like these have highlighted just how much the resort has been developed over the years. To our returning guests, a picture like this will hopefully evoke a memory or two.

Digging out the pool

Aztec Falls

ThrowbackThursday Derwent exterior

TLH Derwent Hotel

One of our most popular #ThrowbackThursday photos to date has been this great photo, showing the TLH Derwent Hotel today compared to back in the 60’s. We’re a resort with a history and nothing demonstartes that better than a photo like this!

Toorak Memories of years gone by

Memories of years gone by

Talking about history… this astonishing photo, that was found in our archives shows the TLH Toorak Hotel in a time before our local area saw a high amount of development. It’s hard for us to imagine now that the hotels were once surrounded by fields, trees and hedgerows.

Another fantastic find in our archives was this old copy of the Herlad Express. Searching through the pages to find any reference to our hotels, we came across a small advert in the jobs section. “Boy wanted for kitchen work; clean worker.” This certainly shows a change in the times as we would never advertise like this anymore (It wouldn’t have inspired me to want to work here). This copy of the newspaper would have cost one penny back in 1938, when it was originally published.

Herald & Express 1938 Newspaper Job Advert

Herald Express

Building the Aztec Spa

Aztec Spa building

The following photo shows that our caring nature has always been a part of TLH Leisure Resort! Construction workers got extra special treatment when our Aztec Spa team needed some willing volunteers to practise on as they prepared to open shortly after the turn of the millennium.

Carlton brochure around 1980s

Carlton Hotel

Our TLH Carlton Hotel has seen quite a transformation over the years, which is evident in this old postcard. Once a much smaller hotel with its own pool, this photo may surprise a few of you as it looks almost unrecognisable.

Aztec Pool opening - TLH Stopover Special 2001

Aztec pool opening

Finally, (and personally one of my favourites) this photo was part of the Aztec Pool launch campaign. It’s hard to see how this photo even happened and shows that our staff and Managing Director, Laurence Murrell have always been up for getting involved in marketing the resort.  The idea behind this photo was to showcase the newly built Aztec Falls whilst showcasing the many activites available to guests whilst staying with us. Whether it worked or not, it made a great photo; one we can all have a good laugh at thanks to #ThrowbackThursday!


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We post photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and you can too! Use the hashtag #TLHhotels and #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday and we can all re-live some great moments from the past.

Aztec Games - Indoor fun for all the family

Aztec games


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  1. Val enjuanes

    IT was lovely seeing old photos of the derwent hotel,I worked as a waitress here in 1973 & 1974.i loved working here .mr sorrentino was manager & mr morel was owner.its changed quiet a lot in appearance but still original features are still their.

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