TLH Leisure Resort Room Attendants In Action

TLH Derwent Hotel Room Attendant
TLH Leisure Resort Room Attendant

It’s often taken for granted that when you arrive at TLH Leisure Resort, you check in, make your way to your room, open the door and your room is clean, tidy and ready for you to enjoy. What isn’t always recognised is the amount of hard work that goes into making our rooms like this, from the hotel Room Attendants.  With this in mind, I visited some of our Room Attendants during a busy shift, to find out how they do their jobs so well.

Room Attendants in Action

Here you can see just how much goes into cleaning your room, in order to make it ready for your stay. This room is a family room for five, in the now three star TLH Derwent Hotel and is being cleaned and prepared by the lovely Aneta. (Note: This was filmed using a GoPro camera. None of our bedrooms are fitted with CCTV so you can sleep easy).

Quick Turnaround

Each Room Attendant, in all four of our hotels, has their own room allocation which they service each day. Daily tasks include making beds, refreshing used towels, emptying bins, cleaning the toilet and refreshing the complimentary refreshments tray. This is a quick turnaround and takes approximately 5 minutes per room. Most weeks, the majority of check-ins are on Monday’s and Friday’s; this is when our room attendants are at their busiest. Check out time across the resort is 11.00am and check in time is 3.00pm. This gives our team just four hours to service all rooms, making sure they are looking spick and span for our arriving guests. They spend anywhere from 15-30 minutes per room (depending on how big and messy it is). After witnessing it first hand, it’s easy to appreciate how much hard work goes into each room; the Room Attendants are working non-stop until all rooms are ready.

A Friendly Team

The room attendants across the whole of TLH Leisure Resort are a friendly team who are more than happy to accommodate any reasonable requests. An extra couple of teabags? Some extra towels? More pillows? Don’t be shy in coming forward and asking for their help. Their local knowledge is also often second to none. With most of our Room Attendants living and working in Torbay, they’ll soon be able to tell you about the best local attractions or the best place to buy your holiday souvenirs from.

Special Occasion?

TLH erwent Hotel Room Attendant with a Towel Elephant
Chamber Maid TLH Leisure Resort

Many of you enjoy celebrating your special occasions with us and we are delighted that you do. We will always make a special effort if you let us know in advance of your visit. Recently, Paulina, from the TLH Derwent Hotel made some very cute towel animals to greet some of our guests who were celebrating a special wedding anniversary. Paulina is more than happy to make your arrival even more special with some towel animals of your own, or a fruit basket as seen in the photos below.

Celebratory Items

If you really want to add something extra special to help celebrate an occasion in style, we have several options that you can add to your booking to do so. These come at a small cost, but may just be the perfect treat for you and your partner. We offer:

  • Floral arrangement in an aquapack – £29.95
  • Gift wrapped rose – let us know the colour – £5.95
  • Luxury chocolates – £11.95
  • Bottle of wine – Chardonnay or Shiraz – £14.95
  • Bottle of rose wine – Zinfandel – £15.95
  • Bottle of Champagne – £29.95
  • 8″ round celebration sponge cake – £17.50
  • 8″ square celebration sponge cake – £23.50

See more details of how to book this by visiting our Vouchers & Gifts page.


2 Replies to “TLH Leisure Resort Room Attendants In Action”

  1. Matt

    Fabulous idea to show the work behind the scenes, and I also got an idea of what the rooms look like. I’ve been a bit worried they may be not to standard, but they look mighty fine. That’s important for me as Im bringing my elderly mother-in-law, who uses a wheelchair, has cancer, and though now not too bad, can feel rough at times and may need to rest in her room.

    Looking forward to our visit 23rd to 28th July 2016.

    Mike Casey and Marta Berge.

  2. Hello Mike andd Marta.

    Thanks for reading and thank you for your kind comment. I’m glad you like the look of our rooms. If you have any concerns about your stay, or wish to check that your room is easily accessible in a wheelchair, you can speak to our friendly Private Reservations team by calling 01803 400500, who will be happy to help. We hope you enjoy your stay in July.


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