The Prince’s Trust – Hospitality Programme 2018

Hospitality programme 2018

The Prince’s Trust

Last week was the culmination of this year’s ‘Get into Hospitality’ programme with the Prince’s Trust. Once again, we were delighted to be working with them and able to present the programme here at TLH this year.

Developing Young People

One of the core values TLH encompasses is developing people and giving something back to our community whenever possible. Selecting this type of project fits exactly with that objective. It also uses our skills as a business to help lead the project with the Prince’s Trust. In my role as  Training Manager I have worked closely with Programme Executive Liz Fox to deliver the programme this year.

As in previous years, young people have gained qualifications during the the programme to help them enter the industry and learn vital customer-service training from TLH. The work experience element of the programme has taken place across our four hotels, most specifically in the restaurant service for breakfast and dinner. They also worked alongside our experienced chefs and kitchen staff, helping prepare food for the service at meal times. Within the housekeeping department, they learned all the skills needed be a great room attendant. Whilst in the porters department the work included conferencing, dealing with luggage and general duties.


Princes Trust

Great Attitudes and Impressions

The programme was very successful this year and all the young people made a great impression with their attitudes and dedication to do well. Current staff were immensely pleased with everyone they worked with and some have already gained employment since completing the programme.

We have had some great comments from our Managers about the young people on the programme:

‘She was friendly and enthusiastic and made a very good impression. We were very impressed with her work.”; ‘He is lovely. He worked really well asked the right questions.’; ‘She just dived straight in and was completely unfazed by the fact that it was an extremely busy day.’; ‘He was enthusiastic and good to work with. He was friendly towards anyone he met, another very good impression.’; ‘She did really well around the kitchen. She’s a very friendly and approachable person and listens to what she’s been told and takes everything in.’; ‘She is willing to learn and enthusiastic and would be a very good around the kitchen.’; ‘They worked really hard and were lovely people.’; ‘When there was nothing that needed to be done he came to see me and offered his assistance. He helped with linen, helped move furniture into a room and checked on each member of the housekeeping team to offer assistance.’

I would to thank everyone involved in making the programme a success. David Dann, OCP West Training provider, Liz Fox, Malcom Cowper, Luke Facey, Jackie Carcamo, Guy Brueton and all the Managers and staff at TLH who looked after all the young people on their journey to employment.



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