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As part of my week’s work experience at hotel group TLH Leisure Resort, I recently attended a talk from TLH about the world of business. It was given to a group from a local secondary school.

As part of the Prince’s Trust initiative, TLH offers training opportunities to local young people to help them enter the industry of their choice.

TLH Leisure Resort History

The first hotel in the group was the TLH Derwent bought by the Murrell family in 1947 when it only had 28 rooms! The Victoria Hotel, much like the Derwent, has a long history of growth and change. The name itself has been shortened from the original name of “The Victoria and Albert Hotel”, created shortly after Prince Albert’s death in 1861. In 1978 the Victoria became the second hotel of the group.

The Toorak was the next hotel to join the group as it was bought in 1986. Toorak is an Aboriginal word meaning “the swamps that tee trees grow”. Finally the Carlton was built in 1878 and was originally called Belgrave Hall; it became a part of the TLH name in 1992. It was only in 2000 that the Carlton adopted the TLH brand name.

Laurence Murrell recently retired after 40 years at the helm and the company is now owned and managed by three of the senior managers, Jason Garside, John Finnegan and Ian Piercy.

This shows an old aerial shot of the TLH Toorak hotel, on the side there is a picture of an old bill from 1954 and an advertisement for the hotel.

The New Generation

This week Mary-Ann, TLH’s Training and Development Manager, gave a talk to some of Torquay’s growing minds from a local secondary school. St Cuthbert Mayne’s students came in as part of their business course to get a little bit of insight into the world of business.

The students very confidently asked a good number of questions to Mary-Ann regarding everything from how many visitors do we get a week and year to how much money the business makes. My favourite question was which was our favourite hotel.

The students were introduced to different areas of the business such as the Aztec Spa, Games room, Bistro, Gym and indoor bowls. The students were keen to know how the business functions with these areas and how much revenue they bring in.

We want to say a big thank you to the students for listening to the talk and hope we have helped you get a better understanding of what you want to do in the future. We would also like to say a big thank you to St Cuthbert Mayne for bringing the students to our talk this week and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

You can find out more about job opportunities at TLH Leisure Resort here.

Matt White

Matt White

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Matt White

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