TLH Short Mat Festival 2008

TLH Short Mat Festival 3 – 10th October 2008


Once again we have welcomed more than 350 incredibly keen Short Mat bowlers to the TLH Bowling Arena for the Autumn Short Mat Festival.  This was a real celebratory event as this is the 10th year of the festival and bowlers come from far and wide gathered to take part in Singles, Pairs Triples and Fours trophy and plate competitions – a real extravanganza!  After a welcome drink and a hearty dinner the ‘spoons’ competition and roll-ups started, ready for the main event in the morning – with several stalwarts even spending the weekend at TLH ‘practicing’ in the Weekend comp to give them an advantage (?!) in the Mid –week competitions.


We were particularly pleased to see Terry Batt and his crew finally arrive on Friday night as their car had blown up near Telegraph Hill on their way down from South Wales! The TLH minibus was duly despatched to collect them to make sure they wouldn’t lose valuable playing time, and then on Monday we dropped them off again ready for the AA to take them home – but only after they had collected medals and a their cash prize as Runners Up in the Pairs competition! Terry usually brings a much larger group with him but this year 10 of the regulars are playing in the Short Mat International Series in Northern Ireland in November so they couldn’t spare the time to come down to the English Riviera! We wish them luck and hope to see them in March.


So having generally agreed that a ‘Good time was had by all’ and judging by the number of re-bookings for next March as well as October, we can look forward to another great year in the world of Short Mat Bowls at TLH.  See you soon!




I'm Bowling Sales Exec at TLH and the best part of my job is getting out and about meeting fellow bowlers. I started to play this wonderful game in Essex as a result watching my Mother play. This was about 1985. I was supposed to be ‘off hand’ having married and moved out of the family home. But I happened to visit a bowling green where my mother was playing a game, just to watch…… and that’s where it all started.

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