TLH Staff Raising Money for our Local Charities

Raising money
Local Charities

Here at TLH we have some fantastic staff who organise charity events within their own departments. Our housekeeping team have been highly involved in raising money for various charities over the years.

Jackie Lynch, a room attendant at the TLH Victoria Hotel, was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago. She wanted to give something back and say thank you to the staff at the Torbay Hospital Breast Care Unit. She decided to do some fundraising that started with the housekeeping staff donating all their tips and went on to a Friday Bake Sale. They also held a raffle and sold tickets to keep the fundraising going.



From the donations, other women will get some comfort from the cushions which are helpful to patients recovering from surgery and are not supplied through the NHS but only through donations.

From left: Jane Savage (Breast Care Unit Nurse) Audrey Nicol (Assistant Housekeeper), Jackie and Paula Pearson (Head Housekeeper).

The Importance of Screening

Jackie wanted to remind us all that screening is very important. About one in eight women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. There’s a good chance of recovery if it’s detected in its early stages. Breast screening aims to find breast cancers early. It uses an X-ray test called a mammogram that can spot cancers when they are too small to see or feel.

Breast screen and what you need to know

If you would like to donate to the Breast Care Unit at Torbay Hospital, you can donation directly via the donations form. All the details about donating can be found here.

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