Visits to Glorious Devon – A Poem By Ivor Povey

Visits to Glorious Devon
Visits to Glorious Devon

We love to hear what guests get up whilst they are staying with use and luckily for us, a guest has left us a wonderful poem about his visits to Torquay over the last 50 years.

Visits to Glorious Devon – By Ivor Povey

Our first visit to Glorious Devon was in July 1966
and I can honestly say it opened up, a real new box of tricks,
My Brother and his family, joined My wife and I, on this week away,
which turned out to be, a week to remember, and a superb holiday,

The owner of our accommodation met us saying, it’s the World cup to-day
You are welcome to come to my house, if you would like to see them play,
My brother and I were delighted, as this offer was a complete surprise
T.V. was not so common then, and we did not expect to see the game live.

To make the day more enjoyable, of course England won the World Cup
a wonderful start to our holiday, and visits to Devon were on the way up.
During the rest of our week, we discovered lots of Devon delights,
Giving us reason to return many times, and still enjoy seeing the sights.

There are so many lovely villages, both inland and out on the coast,
We find it simply impossible, to decide which one we like the most
All have their own special beauty, large, or small, or as quaint as can be
nestled in the rolling hills, or on the cliffs with stunning views of the sea.

However there is much more to Devon, than just the quieter village scene
Like the many smart and lively towns, with entertainment as their theme,
In recent years we have chosen Torquay, which now suits us just fine,
With excellent Hotels and Restaurants, serving good food and fine wine,

There are so many places for families to visit, in and around the town
And the nearby coastline has many beauty spots, if you travel up or down
go south to Brixham or Dartmouth, with many delights to see on the way,
or north to Teignmouth or Dawlish, and the magnificent Babbacombe Bay.

Further south Plymouth is a lovely City, with very strong links to the sea
The dockyard is well worth a visit, as it is always as busy as can be.
The City centre has numerous inviting features, always catching the eye
And everywhere so clean and tidy, it is never easy to have to say goodbye.

By the sea there is often a gentle breeze, which carries a whispering voice
saying ”This area is beautiful will you come again, if you have the choice”
The answer is yes, and we have proved it, by returning a number of times
now we realise we must move on, so says the clock with its chimes.

A few miles north of Plymouth, to a charming village in the countryside
The name is Bere Alston, where two of our very good friends reside
and from around their lovely house, the local views are just amazing,
You see for miles across Dartmoor, and even watch the animals grazing.

Now we plan for coming to Torquay this year, as I must cut to the chase,
We have enjoyed our visits recently, with the Toorak Hotel as our base
With friendly staff, evening entertainment, comfort, and nice food,
Which helps to keep guests, in a very relaxed, happy holiday mood.

After I had completed my “Visits to Glorious Devon part one”
I soon realised,there was so much more, which I could have done
We have always enjoyed the activities, in and around Torquay
and visitors are often surprised, by all there is to do and see.

The Model Village has always been, a very big favourite of mine
and we are delighted by the updating done, to keep up with time.
If you prefer the stage, with Singers and Dancers in a show,
then the busy Princess theatre, is the very place for you to go.

With a full programme available, throughout the summer time
There is often a performance on, which you may find sublime
Other local pastimes, have very strong connections with sport
which, for some unknown reason last time, I neglected to report.

There are so many picturesque golf courses, out there to play,
just gather a group of golfers together, and have a delightful day
Some have wonderful sea views, along this stretch of coast
Teignmouth is my personal favourite, as the one I like the most.

Another sport, which attracts, crowds of spectators to join the fun
Is a day at the races at Newton Abbot, to watch the Horses run.
A thrilling site, as they race by, and the colours the Jockey’s wear
Creates a very special scene,you can hardly believe you are there.

If you decide to have a bet, some people may call you a sinner
But then that would not bother you, if you had 50p on the winner
Now moving south, to the coast again, Paignton is our next call
A very active holiday centre, with items of interests for us all,

There is a promenade and a pier to stroll, shops and cafe’s galore
a superb young children’s play area, to leave them wanting more
And crossing the street near the centre, is a main railway line,
where you can make a journey, which will take you back in time.

You can ride down to Dartmouth,on an authentic old steam train
Then after time relaxing, the old steamer takes you back again.
The County of Devon is recorded, England’s third largest they say
and is famed for many Historic events, remembered to this day.

The most popular is Sir Walter Raleigh, playing bowls on the Hoe
as he saw the Spanish Armada, and displayed his get up and go,
Then another landmark event, was choosing the first female M.P.
as Viscountess Nancy Astor was elected, as proud as one can be.


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