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Fire Safety Officer

Aldona Wilkey

Aldona has been a part of the TLH Team for 18 years and with lots of hard work and determination she has progressed through many roles. She began her journey as a waitress in TLH Victoria Hotel restaurant, this role gave her confidence and taught her essential skills which allowed her to progress and shortly after became Restaurant Manager in TLH Toorak Hotel, after a few years she was promoted and took on the role of Assistant Hotel Manager.

Aldona’s hard working attitude was noticed by her fellow team and she was once again promoted to Fire Safety Officer. She now oversees the whole TLH Leisure Resort, undertaking risk assessments and ensuring all areas meet the regulations.

We asked Aldona about her progression during her time at TLH Leisure Resort. She commented that she was very grateful for all the opportunities TLH provided for her and the scope to allow her to develop her career, particularly Gregg Payne for all his guidance and patience, also Jason, John and Ian for giving her the opportunity to gain her NEBOSH certifications.

She also stated “if you want to progress the first thing I would say is don’t give up too easy. For example waitressing, so many people don’t see it as a career but it is actually a great starting point, once you gain those customer service skills and confidence to deal with people, it can open so many different doors for you”.

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