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Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Reporting – 2022/2023

Gender Pay Gap Reporting – 2022/2023

Due to be reported by 30 March 2023, based upon a snapshot date of 5 April 2022.


Total Employees Male Female Total
  179 212 391


Hourly Pay Male Female Difference
Mean £11.13 £10.21 8.26%
Median £9.50 £9.50 0%


Quartile Pay Band Male Female Male Female
Upper (75-100%) 45 52 46% 54%
Upper Middle (50-75%) 43 55 44% 56%
Lower Middle (25-50%) 46 52 47% 53%
Lower (0-25%) 43 55 44% 56%
  177 214    


Bonus Male Female Difference
Mean £290.00 £693.75 -139%
Median £350.00 £750.00 -114%
Number Receiving Bonus 5 8 -60.00%
% Receiving Bonus 2.79% 3.77%  
Supporting Narrative

The median and mean pay comparison shows a minor difference in pay between male and female employees. This can be accounted for as although the company employs more female workers than males; the four most senior roles in the company, including the three Managing Director’s and the Group General Manager, are held by male employees.

All quartile’s all show good consistency with the biggest variation being 12% or 12 employees and the smallest being 6% or 7 employees.

During the reporting period 8 female employees received a bonus compared to 5 male employees with both the mean and median amounts being higher for the female employees.

TLH Leisure Resort fully embraces the ethos of equality of opportunity, reward and recognition for employees across all levels of the organisation, irrespective of gender, background or personal characteristics. We recognise, and value, the diversity of experience that our employees bring to our business, and are committed to building an inclusive workplace where individual skills are nurtured, and colleagues can be supported to reach their full potential.