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Couple by the Beach Huts, Torquay

20 Great Things to do in Torquay for Adults

We've listed 20 of our favourite things to do in Torquay including days out, places of historical interest and local food and drink.
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5 Great Free Activities in Torquay for your Toddler!

Before you know it, your baby is a toddler then a pre-schooler. But how do you make the most of the time with your children before they start school in September?
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Family in the Summer

5 Reasons To Book Your Summer Holiday Early

January is the time for cheering ourselves up and of giving ourselves something to look forward to and here's why.
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Tiny Escapes in Torquay

An exciting new holiday experience exclusively for pre-school age children. It offers a fun and enticing adventure with a busy programme of entertainment and activities every day and early evening.
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Reflexology is a technique that applies gentle pressure to your feet or hands. It aims to bring about a state of relaxation and help the body's own healing process.
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Easter Holidays – Celebrate With Our Easter Recipe

Some of the traditions which have evolved over the years seem to have very tenuous links to the original Christian celebration and the exact origins of the Easter bunny are clouded in mystery.
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