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Parking Charge Enquiries

Parking Charge Enquiries

This process is not part of any formal appeal process with Parking Eye, therefore the timings set out within any PCN notice apply fully.

If you have already lodged an appeal directly with Parking Eye, we cannot review any charges made under any circumstances.

If you have received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) which you believe has been issued incorrectly and, after reading the circumstances under which we can or cannot investigate (as listed below) in line with the terms of our agreement with Parking Eye, and you still wish to proceed to make a parking charge query, please click the link below and submit your details. 

Asking us to investigate the matter does not constitute an appeal. Please do not assume any enquiry or request for assistance will halt or recind a PCN . Any information which we provide however can be used by you to support your appeal to Parking Eye.

Circumstances where we will investigate:
  1. Where evidence can be obtained that correct payment was made.
  2. Where the visitor was entitled to free parking (in line with our terms and conditions).
  3. Where a medical emergency has occurred that would prevent a guest from extending the paid parking period. (Supporting evidence would be required).
Circumstances where we will not investigate:
  1. Any parking complaint not made using the form attached. (This enables us to monitor and respond to requests).
  2. Where the customer has input their details incorrectly.
  3. Where the customer has not input their details into a tablet at one of the hotel or Aztec receptions for free parking in line with our terms and conditions.
  4. Non-payment of parking charge due to an ‘out of order’ pay station. (Other means of payment are available via the app, alternative pay stations or at any reception). Customers can and should vacate the car park within the 30 min drop off period should they not be able to pay for any reason.
  5. Overstaying the paid period for any reason other than a medical emergency. It is the responsibility for the user to extend any parking charge period should they need to overstay, due to longer wait times during busy times, or as a result of a delayed appointment.
  6. Any claim that an individual was verbally informed they do not need to pay by an employee of TLH.
  7. Any claim of “I didn’t realise you had to pay”. TLH has gone beyond what is required by law to assist guests in terms of awareness. We have banners at the entrance of our car parks, additional internal signage and details within the confirmation emails for bookings. This is in addition to the mandatory requirements relating to the enforcement of parking conditions on all car parking signage.
  8. Any complaint via a third party such as complaints on a review site or social media.