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TLH Derwent Hotel - Duty Manager

Ivan Maltazov

Ivan has been a part of the TLH Team for coming up to 8 years. He started in 2016 as a Restaurant Server and has progressed and worked his way up to his current role as TLH Derwent Hotel – Duty manager. His hard work and motivation was recognised by the TLH Derwent Team and Ivan was offered a number of promotions during his time in the Restaurant. After 3 years of working as a sever, he was promoted to Restaurant Supervisor, then just a year later he was once again promoted to Assistant Restaurant Manager and later he became the Restaurant Manager.

Ivan moved from Bulgaria to the UK at the age of 20, he told us that he did not speak English when he initially moved. He struggled adapting to life in the UK, however, with help from his colleagues along with hard work and motivation, Ivan quickly settled in and progressed in his career at TLH.

He said “opportunities are always there, you just have to be confident and put yourself out there.” We asked Ivan if he had any tips for progression at TLH. He said, “Learn from the people around you who have more experience. You must have confidence to put yourself out there. Also, in hospitality, it is essential to have a smile on your face at all times, especially when you are dealing with customers.”

We asked Ivan what is his favourite part of his role. He told us “the interaction with so many different people, from guests to staff. No day is the same, I undertake so many different tasks on a daily basis which keeps the job exciting.”

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