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Head Beauty Therapist

Natalia Vaplaka

Natalia began her career in England when she joined TLH back in 2016. Relocating from Latvia, her and her family decided to take on a challenge and set up a new life in Devon. In Latvia, Natalia studied Beauty Therapy in college where she then progressed onto a plentiful career in the industry for 23 years. After moving to England, she enrolled at South Devon College and took on the challenging task of learning English from scratch, alongside this she studied Level 2 & 3 in Beauty Therapy.

At the same time she applied for a position at the TLH Derwent Hotel, as Restaurant Serving Team Member. She stayed in this role for 2 years, which she commented “it really helped me improve my English speaking skills and build my confidence.” A position arose in the Aztec Spa, for a Beauty Therapist, with lots of experience and knowledge, she quickly excelled in her new role, and after 2 years, she was promoted to Head Therapist.

We asked Natalia, what her favourite part about her job is. She answered “I love to give my clients treatments, helping them relax and feel good. I also believe I have made a professional and positive working environment with my team over the last 4 years.”

Natalia is thriving in her position as Head Therapist, and sees herself continuing to grow professionally within current role and pass her knowledge to the team she works with. She stated “You have to enjoy working in hospitality else it can be a very hard job to do, however, I believe that you can do well in any job as long as you like what you are doing.”

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